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skool is going by pretty good. A's, hookah drugs and slipping out of class with your RA is always pretty good.

Tonight Ashley, Maria and I joined our favorite TA Juan at his house for dinner. Man.. what a great time! See, me and my crew have one of the worst senses of humor ever [ask Jenny.. she knows]. You know you have a serious problem when you get your TA on this whole deal. We couldn't stop laughing ahhh.. it was a real nice time. He's 34! He's become like.. one of my first genuine ''adult'' friends - something very weird cuz I'm a very age-ist person. Teachers from the past don't really count cuz man.. I never got to go to dinner with Linn! Our relationship [as kool as it was] was all based around school. SO it was more like a mentor relationship that a friendship.. or whatever

but yeah. I'm definitely on an upswing from where I was a few days ago. Still lazy and still troubled with some stupid stuff .. but who the fuck isn't allowed to do that lately? Everything hurr is just about .. right. It's that krazy stuff far away that's giving me my space-out periods. Oh well it's time to ... think and pretend to sleep while in reality Joey and I stay awake for hours to be girly. bye

PS Brighton I heart you like fucking insanity and I'll call u tomorrowwww


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I think I just had the nicest weekend since like ... that other really good last weekend :D.

I mean, I got to go somewhere fun with Ash and her group, I got to see the preciouz Nicole, got to talk to Ismael for a while and I FINALLY got to talk to my Brighton!!!!! ahhhhhh. So now it becomes apparent, more than ever..

that near or far, I have the coolest people ever as friends. I mean.. I have Matthew at Davis, Flemsky at SLO, Bright one at Berk, Nic at SC.. and that's only the beginning. I have the greatest people at Uc-err too! I mean.. don't you see it for yourself? Why get down on how far away people are, when they'll still be there when the time comes. I'm done worrying myself that distance will kill my relationships. I can't help it.. I'm stupid and stuff. I think I'm done mourning this stupid distance issue. What else can you really ask for but friends that'll be there til forever and ever?


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This is why I love coming home for no reason:

.. because there's usually a great reason coming home too.

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Today I went to Mountasia with Ashley and her church group. Damn it was fun 8-). I got to meet her friends and they got to meet ... me. haha. It was alotta fun, and I'm pretty honored that Ashley invited me too [just goes to show how tight we is ;)].

Anyway, I got back like 30 minutes ago, and I think I .. just organized everything in my head. Seriously. I have a good idea of where I'm at, where I'm going, and what I need to take care of before summer starts. I go to a great school [about to get greater], I have GREAT friends everywhere, I think I'm done talking to bad people, and probably the one thing I can't put my finger on is..

..what if I had gone to UC Santa Cruz? like.. seriously


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Today my building did more bonding than ever. We played Assassins and damn.. it just got us all going like krazy. Methnks I'm going to write about it cuz it was really cool.

I'm feeling really... weird. I've had an eh couple of weeks, and I guess I'm taking out my inner frustrations on the folks around me. Sucks cuz I do this whenever things are bleh ;P. I dunno.. I've gotten used to not talking about what's onmy mind anymore, and maybe that's kicking my ass. Lack of vent or whathaveyou is only doing to me what it used to do.. ticking time bomb. Someone keep me in check here! I can't implode or it'll get nasty..

this song is seriously the greatest song since like... that other song. good nite


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after one of the most odd weekends of my life.. I decided to embark on my silent mission of revenge. The one who recieve my wrath? Myself..

I sat my ass down last night around 5 to type up my 8 page term paper on Petrarch for World Lit class. I finished it in 2 hours and I was like whaaatttt?????????? yeah! Apparently leaving distractions behind does help productivity! ^_^ I have one essay left to go, and I hope I can do it the same way I did with this one.. ahhh I hadn't written an essay I liked that much in a long, long time.

I've been lazy up the butt. But I think it's about over. I have a VERY important letter to write. I have alot to write on for my own sake. And apparently, I have to gain a measure on vengeance on Ismael and Joey, whom have pulled a coup against my side of the room >.< I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!

that said.. who else really fucking loved Kill Bill Vol.2? It was fucking amazing. I mean... dahhh $@#%^& difficulty eloquating feelings of love for it. Totally blown away by it. It, along with Vol.1, make for one of the greatest films ever made. No joke. Ash and I couldn't stop going omigoood... !! haha ok. Too early to be up. bye


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so at this point.. I don't know WHICH KILL BILL VOLUME I LIKED BEST!!!!! They were both so... amazing.. in their own way

:'( colour me insane


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I'm not stupid, stupid.

I went downtown to the Mission Inn this morning with my cuz and it was so... awesome. It's like one of those old skool fancy cutesy yay places you take someone on a special occasion. Too bad we didn't stay longer cuz I had to peeeeee haha. Being on the buses hurr in Riverside reminded me of home [cuz cmon.. that's how I get around if no car is in sight]. HUGE ROADTRIP HOME THIS FRIDAY!!! we're invading teh valley.. not that invading such a place is a big deal x]. I can't wait to go home. 2 school days makes for a very lazy.. lazy luis, and I'd like to couch potato at home for a change.

I'm almost done with this really cool project I'm working on for class, and the only thing keeping me from finishing it is my lack of wanting to finish it.. ughh. I have alot of junk to do [gee haven't I said THAT before] =/. I guess it's time to go to the library with Joey again, because my building is usually the worst place to get any actual work done. woot


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As I came back from the mail and bumped into my huge family here and we started talking about recent times, a few things became quite clear to me. Thank goodness too.. for starters:

There are some people that are detrimental to my health, mental health. I've done what I can as tactfully as possible to eliminate these people out of my life, and make sure I NEVER give them the reaction they want from me [the reaction being *a* reaction, period]. Some folks will never be worth my time again.. and I may sound really harsh by saying such a thing, but .. some folks deserve that kind of treatment. I don't need bad people in my life or any attempting to sabotage my otherwise fruitful friendships. I'm gonna ignore you, forget what you meant to me, ALWAYS remember what you did to me, and last but not least.. I'll always keep in mind what a horrible, selfish, BAD person you are. And really I'll only do this to weed out the trash out of my system Darwin-style, where in the end I'll give the best I have to those who actually deserve the love and attention coming to them. It's taken me going through a whole array of different relationships to know what's best and what's not for me.

Man.. that Revenge and Forgiveness seminar is awesome 8-) and I GOT THE IV! hahahaha good shit.. time to go write

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chaos. thank goodness it's.. all.. over? o0


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man.. suuuuuch a heavy past couple of days. It totally takes me back to old times, and I don't really enjoy it. I mean.. it really has been a while since I have this horrible.... draining.. feeling in my head.

Maybe I just need to focus on my studies for a day or so. Things around here are too tense and potentially contorversial for luis' liking. Things aren't even that bad.. I guess I just stuck around here for one week too much again >.< some things are definitely on the positive, like intensely good.. but the dumb shit gave me the worst feeling today. blah. I'll be fine tomorrow 8-) .. I have things to do


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and it's settled. Things will always stay strong if we want them to.


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I was feeling pretty low for a while until I had this great time talking to Jenny on the fone. Man..

I've been dealing with separation problems. By that.. I mean, I hate separating my college life and people from my other friends. I really really find it difficult to not be able to see Matt, Jenny, etc like I used to. Sometime it feels like I have to work really had to make sure our bonds are still strong and.. alive

but once again Jenny proves me wrong. ;-) well ok, she doesn't prove me wrong she just makes me feel a whole lot better about everything. Jenny! By being the amazing person you are you have made me finally come to the realization I needed..

I need to stop seeing things as ''this life and that one'' and instead, see things as... one life with various extentions. Man the day you meet all my Riverside people.. total insanity man. Apparently I really need to have lots of tact for trying to .. bring former relationships back to life. Nothing's ever simple.. but with people like Flem here with me in spirit, I can do this. Am I right?

ewaldogeraldo: woot


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oh my God.

I just had a heart attack. ohhhhhh myyy goooddddd I don't even know what to say.

Her long flowing locks faded away into a past I could never see again. :-( damn man.


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never let me drink on a school night again. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS:

ok so remind me to NEVER EVER EVER FUCKING drink on a tuesday with Joey and Christina again.... ever. Althiugij//.. oit
s beeen so much fun/ Ash is amazing. Ismael is all irritated. And BRIGHTON CALL ME BACK =[ and to everyone... it ISN'T the alcohjol; but I miss you guys so much =[... sigh

yeah, you bet your ass I got sentimental as fuuuuck 8-)!!! hahaha. I had my first hangover.. which is odd, because I drink, but I've never had one before.. eh. Throwing up at 5am is the worst feeling ever. Anyway, I really apologize to those who saw me act like hell. Although apparently I'm amazing when intoxicated..

But yeah. I've come to conclusion #1, on this the 7th of April. Which I'll definitely write about too..

You - will never be as happy as you want to be. Why? Because you go about life the wrooong way. Anyway shower time! I smell of flaming jesus. bye


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so thankx to Christina's scowering through my laptop she found something I saved a while back. aww :-(

Nerdie boy: not with a ten foot pole
theeseXayone: oooh but you would with a 11 foot one
theeseXayone: i see i see
Nerdie boy: hahahah
Nerdie boy: that wouldnt be sex then
Nerdie boy: it would be pole sex or something
theeseXayone: hahahahah

aww Glen.. I miss your awful transcendentialism sometimes. One day we'll have a huge awkward reunion and hopefully stuff will work out. In the meantime.. I have 130 pages of reading due for tomorrow. And Joey won't leave me alone >.< bye


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I've been sick since Wednesday, and I still feel like gunk.

But my Riverside people are makin' me feel all squishy and loved =). Thanks for calling guys!! That was awesome. Totally appreciated so thxxxx to Ash, Christina, Marco and JOSEPH!! hahaahaha cough COUGH damnit. yay

um.. I just notticed that it's been about two years, exactly, since I start this thing. Man this is only going to make me take longer to do anything.. thinking about stuff sucks when all it does is slow you down.

Being bedridden sucks, but it's given me time to sort my head out. Yeah it usually takes milleniums for me to do such things, but ehh. I'm slowly gonna get back on track mentally and instead of being mad at myself for being lazy.. I'm gonna rid myself of this sloth complex. Just... gimme more time. late