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silly GD aside, this is quite an accomplishment. I'd normally be like 'hm, let's give these grades a context under which they were achieved'. ok, lets!

3 classes, with 3 extra-curricular activies throughout the quarter.

phil 7: proves I can handle boring and semi-understand boring
phil 113: proves I can handle the worst (which means the BEST) that the UCR philosophy department can throw at me
psyc 110: proves that re-writing things on your own terms helps you get a better grasp of things every single time. Telling stories to Jen about ghrelin and the lateral hypothalamus totally rocks 8-)

outside class:

lab: 12 hours a week. usual krazy fun times shows I can handle taking ORDERS.. albeit while philosophizing with jon
research project: has become quite daunting. Research is scary, but I'm up for the challenge. Meeting with Dr. Burgess every week HAS to be productive, or I'd die. This proves I can read research papeles and dissertations and survive!
gym/abba: what? yeah that's right... 4 times a week! Racquetball is my newest sport that I think is awesome. huzzah!

So much for just studying and dying. I'm pulling for ya Matthew, you can do it! In the meantime, I have a few more days before I go back home to riverslide. Take it easy yall, it's back to my cave for me. :)

3.27 and countin'.


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sweet mighty powerful heaven... I just had the urge to throw up.

I just had a big swig of high-school-was-4-years-ago. And longer. And then I went on facebook, saw that some people REFUSE, REFUSE to change, and then I died.

Some of these fellow cavs... are the cavs I went to high school with, in every way. Except well, for the fact that everyone else has gone on to evolve in a way or two. I can't believe how horrible I feel about this.

in other news, break is awesome, life is erratic, and well. . . life


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what a high school song!

each quarter becomes much more complicated and difficult.

Thanks God, or else I'd feel like I hit some sort of glass ceiling! Oh that time will come, brown boy. it will come.

one A down. 2 to confirm. papers to read and life to sort out. ahhhhh what a spring break.

It honestly helps when you have times like the KBK 80s party to be like, ah man. We all deserve a nice little breakaway to cut loose in a time when we really have no time anymore.

... so who's home?


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I was called assertive today. Twice, by two different people.

Why is it that in everything but myself.. I believe them

hey. this is week X. stop reading this.


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Today is Tuesday, March 7th, 2006.

things to read/do:

- 1500/2000 word final philosophy 113 essay, on the problem of evil

- homework for phil 113

- read chapter 3 on the lexical approach to personality caca

- read Pennebaker article on same shit

- read Zana's dissertation

- email Lisa, set up a meeting for next week

- motherfuckin DIE

- have fun with psyclique wed nite for izzy's thingy

- DIE AGAIN. bye

i know there is more.. but man. I need some sleep. The final stretch begins tomorrow morning at 8am. Science Library, take of me baby. See yall after the madness.