Talking to Meg and Peter on the fone after the WORST trip to Vegas ever makes the 16 hours on the bus seem so forgettable. I really need to stop embracing the little affection/attention I get, cuz as someone once said... in reality it may all be shit. haha anywayz no, I'm back and glad to be home, thx for talking to me guyz... it feels kinda nice to be needed/wanted. Gonna go hug and kiss my bed now (I missed it). late


YaY just got back from watching Better Luck Tommorow w/ Michelle, her brother and his gf... mmm it was great, but I dunno wut to think of the movie... =T Gonna have to think this out. Wish it was released everywhere but eh... that's all I can really say rite now. OH! Before Mush can say it I will, Ben is hot ;-) hahaha. late


Nihilist Bear
Nihilist Bear

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Whoda thought. haha yay.


Clocks - Coldplay is so amazing. haha I dunno why I don't really blog as oft as I used to.. is it laziness? Nothing of note to say? Don't wanna repeat myself? I wanna make all of you suffer? who knows. =] Oh; y'all can keep guessing on the list I posted a while back - it's gonna be awesome.

Spring break was good. I lost all the sleep I gained from it once I stepped into Linn's 1st period on Monday tho. haha skool has not really been bad at all - everything is running on full throttle, and it should be... 9 weeks to go. Man I don't even know wut to say in this here blog =T... well I've been catching up a lot with a lot of people I've kind of been split from, it's been good times just talking to everybody. I guess more than ever now I appreciate everyone's company... well, unless I don't like you. xD

Today was a nice day... (I know I have to blog quite a bit to make up for slackin) I've been listening to a lot of punk emo crap lately, so I've been mellowing out for quite some time... perhaps that's why I feel no impulse to say anything anymore. Jen got kind of mad at me for this - because she's notticed it too; I'm holding back a lot of wut I feel, and it angers me too... it's so hypocritical. Why you ask? Cuz Peter's basically told me the same thing about how he's sort of regressed, and it sucked when he told me... yet I go and do it too? Sometimes it feels like every single one of the damn people that went through core 11 have decided to forget all that they were presented with, and give a hard time to those who are still... working on themselves. I can't explain this shit.

Anyway YES today was nice... got Meteora back! I finally used my camera today too =], and it was good times. I had used it like twice the day before... but anyway Luis the insane camera guy was back! hmm... 1st period Linn, us 4 dudes in the class take a group pic. sort of. It's just me, Robert, Rody, and Peter, and we were getting our pic taken when Peter lets his head go down and RUNS AWAY! hahaha so we run after him into 2nd period Giff... where we corner him at his desk, press up all around him and Justine takes a good shot of us. haha it was great. "We do it because we loooooove you Peter" - Rody. Then I get some tight pics of Meg, Michelle, Jen, Brighton, Joe, Tim, and Arthur... I'm sure I'm forgetting some people. Anyway I need to develop these.. and keep them all to myself >)

Prom seems to be coming so fast man, I'm glad i have like... the best date ever. I need everything else now. Why am I so poor? ugh. Post-prom plans are getting so dang complicated... errr. It'll be a blast though.

Me and my ism group are gonna get started soon; we have everything set for us to actually do our book and then shoot the video. I hate hate hate HATE film students, you guys didn't have to do any of this crap OR the popart. ><;; and you GOT TO WATCH DEVDAS FOR CLASS

I know all I'm saying is blah blah superficial shit... I really can't bring myself to do much of anything anymore. This sucks. I mean really... it fucking sucks. I am discouraged; how can I ever encourage at this rate? R3gression is never pretty. I have to get myself back up there somewhere - or else, how can I ever expect anyone else to do the same? :-( No more blogging. late


Molly. Nicole. Peter. Me. Me / Peter. Matt / Jenny. Meg. Me / Meg. Peter An. Lissa. Jen. Joe / Glen. Minjung / Amy. Tim Chin. Michelle. Tim Hsu. Enza / Zach. Ariel Fortune. Pinki / Parisa. Rody. Robert. Esther. Anna. Zodin. Shannon / Ashley. Sarah / Renee. Claudia. Bobby / Brighton. Joolee. Jamie Oh. (in this order)

Gosh I blog too much... haha. Guess away. late


L - ikes to play his gamecube and visit Riverside when Mish is bored outta her mind
U - nderstands that leaving Mish when she's bored means major pouting ( =( )
I - s going to be scolded at when he comes back cuz Mish is very bored ( you like how this poem is going?)
S - aw Mish's prom dress and better have liked it !!


K... I just got home. man man man... so we clocked in at 15 hours. Peter... WE ARE RULE. =] Aside from the terribly boring painting segments that were met with groans and silence, we played games, sang, talked, etc... alot of stuff ya know? Oh dude.. we played my n64 after a 11+ month hiatus, w00t. How the fuck could Peter beat me twice?? Left it at his house, will beat him, will be the king of the game once again. Someday.

So Ms. Hwang takes me home, and in the car we start talking, and she's such a sweet lady, telling me to come over more often, and she gave me soup for tommorow... ahh. Then she said something in the car that I'll never ever forget. Mebe I'll tell you if you ask... or not. xD I won't be at skool tommorow, since I need to do the outline for the midterm to save our lives. Then again, I won't be whoring myself out this time, or maybe not anymore. Peter's turning in my pop, I'm gonna be playing games and outlining tommorow, times are good. I think I'm going to Riverside, and since Peter is gonna room with John (Choi), I'll just request to live in the same area. I need me a roomie now. But whateverz... today was amazing. Gonna go collapse now. byee

WE be at Peter's house rite now.. omg. We've been doing work for uh, more than 13 hours, and counting... gyuyewogyrewerw.

Having fun, almost done, I alwayz like coming to Pete's house... cuz uh, it means I'm away from home, it means I get to hang out with my best friend, and oh ya... lots n lots of fighting. =] I hate my life. DO NOT ASK ME FOR THE OUTLINE, cuz it's prolly just gonna be for me, Peter, and whomever gets on my good side. haha. bye.


SoNiCbLaStOiSe42: i got you covered on the n64

11+ months. I think things are turning around on alot of things... hmmm.

Friday.. Glen + Matt + Jenny = w00t. Saturday.. Enza + Min = ^____^. Sunday.. PoPart. Today.. blah. Future planz.. skipping skool w/ Peter (Wednesday?) all day.. gonna finish popart as well. Den midterm outline, which I know all of you want/need!!! hahaha. I'm slowly getting over this stress period, and then comes Spring Break, going to campuses, choosing between SC and R, den well... I will officially stop giving a crap about skool. =] Hopefully tho I won't lose track of myself, because wow... I need to keep myself up. I need to keep *you* up. You know who you are.

Everyday that passes by I can't help but.. think about the future. That's somehting I didn't think I'd have to think about. Time's coming up and I derno whether or not I'll be able to maintain my composure when the time comes that we all... errr... break away. Peter... never give up buddy. On you on me on life. Everyone... shiet, time to live it up! We're all so close! So close... and the one thing that isn't close is my popart from being finished ~_~, so off I go. late


Just got home from Peter's house. =] Had fun, we alwayz do. I think every time we get to spend together makes us a bit closer - in many ways, so it's all good. haha I fell asleep doing popart xD. I guess if I wanna sum up today and him and me in general, it would be something like... as long as he doesn't give up on me, then I won't ever give up on him. He's my best friend, how could I ever give up on him? btw I love ur mom Pete!!!

Anywayz... wow I'm sleepy. This day was pretty much the most redeeming day out of the crappy / average few weeks I've been dealin with. Gosh dude... I'm in such a lightened up mood rite now. I wanna keep this up more often. late