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happy birthday 001.com.


UCR 'HEAT' was really good. The homecoming game was awesome (minus the last 6 seconds where Sb scores one more point than us :(!!!!) and Lupe Fiasco was crazy. Dancing around with everyone was a ton of fun, until we all got sardined in, and this really gross guy didn't see who he was grinding into...

I saw a ton of familiar faces that I really never get to see anymore, and that was really cool. Hey everyone exists after all! It's a shame I have to cap this great UCR spirited weekend by reading about sufi's and writing this 8pager... bah! At least we had our fun!


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This song is going to mean alot to me someday soon.

ahh man. Rainy moonlit nights really bring out the creativity in me, and sometimes the nostalgic.

So I have a question for the number of folks who may come across this. What's your net history? Who's a message boarder, a chatter, does anyone have or have had friends online?

I used to. Back in the days when I felt I could not be myself with friends or with anyone really, back when not a soul knew what my homelife was like, I used to go online with my Sega Dreamcast and my first computer. I used to go to www.wrestlinggames.com, and boy is there a history with me and that place. I met a conundrum of people there back in 2000. I guess most of us were like, 14 or so.. but for years some of the guys I met there were the only people I felt truly comfortable with. I feel a little weird talking about it, but I get constantly reminded that my generation is a pioneer generation, and one day meeting folks online won't have that... sort of stifling impression it's had the past couple of years.

Anyway, the only reason I ask (besides being REALLY interested in you guys' history!) is because I recently bumped into one of these folks.. on facebook. It sorta weirded me out, but also took me back... to a time when I could only be myself with people that couldn't see my face.

I dunno. Rainy days get the best of me.



Janet Shekhtmeyster from High School is on the MTV show Next.

I did like a quadruple-take, and when she did her intro pun-thing they make them do.. I died.

And she's up next!



I fucking HATE Carlos Mencia. This made my universe.


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awww hell

3:50:39 PM kompile15: lol
3:50:44 PM kompile15: i know
3:50:49 PM kompile15: im just worried if i do this paper
3:50:59 PM kompile15: im going to end up having too much on my plate
3:51:08 PM kompile15: i can see myself writing like a 40 page paper on this
3:51:16 PM kompile15: know what imean?
3:51:27 PM theesexayone: heh.. i dont think so, but it would be a monumental task for sure
3:51:38 PM theesexayone: its all up to how much you think you can take on in the world
3:51:56 PM kompile15: are you challenging me luis?! haha
3:52:14 PM theesexayone: if i didnt i wouldnt be your friend!
3:52:17 PM kompile15: :-D
3:52:20 PM kompile15: this is so true
3:52:21 PM kompile15: dude
3:52:28 PM theesexayone: its just my philosophy
3:52:34 PM kompile15: have you discussed AI in psych
3:52:38 PM kompile15: please dont change :)
3:52:44 PM theesexayone: :-[

who says that?


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looks like I'm right on time this year.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is." - Albert Einstein