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awesome song

a little light headed

I love partying. Last night was aaaawesome. I love everyone!!! Through all the drinking and kissing and playing.. this party was better than the last one ;DD

wow. Need sleep. bye

ps. thanks izzy best roomie ever, for taking me back home. :)


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Some people.. will change your life forever.


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I've always been the easy kill

Today was very busy, very hectic.. very good

Izzy and I turned in our RA apps at A-I. I made an appt with Diane at the International Services Center. Took the trolley [well, TWO trolleys] with Izy and Lydia, queen of indecision!! hahahaha. It being rainy, I thought the ASPB event was cancelled, which woulda sucked, but it wasn't! So I trotted to the Commons by the Bell Tower and was put to work. Patty and Shavon [sp????] are awesome girls. They took care of the Homecoming Competitions between the hot sorority girls while I was at the ASPB Canopy, whoring out freebies and info on any and everything we have to offer this quarter. It was so great man, work.. I need more.

I saw a ton of faces come and go, and I knew quite a few of em. Cuz and Izzy visited, Jessica, Sarina, and like millions of kids. It was kinda cool, but me being the only guy working the canopy meant going insane helping everyone out. fah. It was still good times. Luis = ASPB, just watch

So I went off to the Emerging Leaders thing and that was really cool actually. Finally got to know Susan Allen Ortega, the DEAN OF STUDENTS =-O. I think I kind of talked too much, but yeah.. Ashley is awesome and I'm in love

After whoring out the Coffee House thing I decided to go to that, so cuz and I made our way there. All the other ASPB kids [the ones who get paid and ARE ASPB, heh] were there. oooooooo I wanna join! Anyway, this band called Gazz was gonna play, and I wanted their cd, so I went over and said hey and they just started talkin and chattin and they gave me free stuff! Totally awesome. Ash then joined cuz and I, and we stole mugs, shirts, and candy oh my. And listened to awkward open-mic people.

Psych is getting slower by the day so it was lame. Econ midterm is tomorrow, so during discussion Blair and I realized how fucking RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE the midterm is gonna be. I swear we died 93989437 times over. That TA is useless, so useless. I gave Blair my last Homecoming shirt. That guy man.. he's really cool and awesome and such, but I guess kinda like me, you can tell when he's upset. I feel for him. So we studied a little bit inside the Commons by the fireplace, and left. Econ can eat my ass

Get home, do dishes, die. Just a little.

It's definitely because of how systematic my day went.. that this entry is a mere play by play entry. I'm too swamped to digest things. I'll do that on the weekend, or something. later


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Matt, I really think you'd like The Velvet Teen. You listen to Rammstein, man! Obviously you're accepting of... diverse music. hehe

I had to flake on Joe this weekend. sad times, I'm sorry Don.

Being back at school is awesome. I love UCR. Random though there

Oh, and so, for any CHS kiddies, remember Juan Medina? Yeah, the OTHER mexican kid in Core yeah. He messaged me today!!! And it was such a brian trip, because I haven't seen him since end of 11th grade,and wow. What can I really say ya know. He was all saying how he misses me and whatnot. That's kinda cool. How fucking different and jaded were we back then huh?? hahaha. Nostalgia

....how fucking badly put together is this entry? Pretty bad I know. But I bet you liked the change of pace. bye

oh... and talking to Brighton is the best way to end every evening.


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I hate that, for me, college is more about being able to pay my way through it than being able to achieve good grades.

I'm in a down mood. So much is riding on the next few days for me. I'm scared, and worried, and upset. I guess that's what happens when you plan out something and it seems inevitable that it'll all happen, but hey.. it doesn't.



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I live for awkward moments



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I love you cacahead. You are the cause of, and solution to, all of my problems. smelly. She's 10 you guys!!!! Leave the Rebellious One a comment!


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Le writing excersize

I found a writing excersize to be really hard. I had to describe myself. So I did, check it out. This weekend has been insane. Time to get off my lazy ass, put clothes on and write! :)


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So today was yet another really nice day. I'm on a roll here!

Classes were blagh. Jay and I really shouldn't be in an 8am class. It just doesn't add up. Clapping and tapping so early in the day makes luis very very ill to his brain. Econ was bleh too, because it was econ, Blair stays in his bed sleeping AGAIN, but hey! So Greg is in econ too! Gregory Andrew Cho hahaha oh man I missed Gregory. So he ash and I tried to pay as much attention as we can to a short indian man with an awful accent.

Before my last class, I got to be with Lydiaaa and that was awesome. We went to the philosophy department and I declared my minor in it. Step 1 to becoming the new Mr. Linn is in progress! ahaha. Man. The thing about this quarter that really keeps me upbeat, is how I'm easily pulling off this balance thing. I've been hanging out more with people I wanna be with, and if that's not a picker upper, que es? So Lydia and I talked here n there, I laughed really loud at her little um.. encounter, and I just hung out in the girls' apt and then cuz's apt til le class time. Cuz's friends are insane. I like them..

Religious bullshit studies was eh, alright. I'm the only guy I know in that class, so that's awkward. But so many hotties are in there! And now MEGHANN is in there!!! ahhh good times. More people make me more... tolerating of this awful lecture.

So Rach Meghann and I take le trolley back to Grand Marc, and it's the Express Line, so I freak out because of undisclosed reasons and yeah it was fun. Meghann made spaghetti!!! You ROCK so bad megadeth. We all chowed down as poor Rachel slowly died, and then Lydia told me about Gerardo and his Lydia poem and now I'm on this quest to like.. write my own

Alright, so this entry was very ''and then this and that''. But having so many little good things happen just brings a smile to my face and this warm calm feeling. Like talking to Lydia is awesome, and you know, just little things that happen really can make someone's day. In this case, they're making my quarter pretty good.. now if only like.. classes made my quarter pretty good too.. music quiz tomorrow, I really should go collapse on le bed. adios


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ok, time to sort out life breifly, and shit:

Psych 12: gonna be fun. Izzy, Cuz, Laurie, Patrice, and new people.. it's gonna be alright. APA style papers each at like 12 pages DOES concern me, but I will ACE THIS CLASS! I will just need a little guidance and I will pay extra attention to detail. I really like this class! And I think I already made myself to be the awkward guy who says awful things that make people laugh during lecture. good times. Watch out Psi Chi

Econ 3: sucks balls. BALLS!@ Thankfully I'm not alone in that class either, with Ashley and Blair to keep me company through the agony. Turns out I'm not the only loser who had to take the awful 7 - 8pm discussion either. Blair and I were like ..''wtf are you doing here?'' woot! (stfu cuz) With a little uh, clarity and less sleeping through class, I'll survive. I also get to see Lydia for like 5 seconds right before discussion, so yay

Religious Studies 12: sucks balls as well. It appears to be a reoccuring theme here. Like I said though, Luis is crafty and isn't alone! Cuz, Karina, Ash, HOPEFULLY MEGHANN and stuff round out the bevy of ladies I get to die in class with. This class sucks sucks sucks. Cube Master G is in my discussion and that sucks balls... and yeah. I really don't like half my classes this quarter. No, I HATE half of them!!!

Music 1: I kinda like it. I am learning to read le music, which is fun and now I know what the note thingies mean! Jay and uh, new Jay are in there with me so it's alright I suppose. This class is very much a memorization/practive class, and I need to keep that in mind. Or I will die.

Emerging Leaders: ok, so like I really don't need this program whatsoever, but Ash is in it, and she's awesome, and a new friend so I'm gonna stick with it. It's just a resume-bulder, which isn't bad, but taking an extra course is well, extra baggage. bleh bleh bleh type type type

This quarter will be about balance. I will read. READ! Movie nights on Tuesdays everyone! Next week is I <3 Huckabees so don't miss it and join us! ahhh But I also wanna partyyyy and socializeeee so well, everyone help me fit ''life'' into life! Group effort! Synergy! I need some damned cheerleaders!


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so life is moving along nicely. I'm with the people I wanna be with, I see those I wanna see, and classes... okay, different story.

I have 5 classes this quarter, for a total of 18 units. Let's just say 6 classes, as psych lab will be VERY different from psych lecture. sigh. I don't know how I'm supposed to prioritize school work with whatever free time I eventually get. Usually late at nite we'll find something to do, which is great, but man, I get so exhausted by the time 10pm rolls around. This is week 2, yo.

So with alot to do, want to do and stuff, this quarter seems to already keep me busier than the former. I guess that's supposed to cure my slump from before in some ways. Oh well. Man, such fun back at school.. I really love it here, as much as I can complain about my workload and being banned from half of campus. hahaha. Things will come around, they will. I kinda just want.. calm


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You can have her now Riverside, but without me, Brighton will have no such fun. She will not go to the parties, the get togethers, and to the Riverside away from the dull consistancies of little cafes and mindless drives. One day we'll make it happen, bright eyes

Meanwhile, I'm home, to get my eyes fixed and still see some people who's school is not insane, giving them a longer break. Brighton hurry uuuuupppp! Today I saw La Mala Education with Roel. Very... uh, controversial. About as controversial as the fact that I went to a film with Roel about a priest molesting little boys, all alone. As if the retards don't talk about me enough! hahahaha. oh god. In n Out was great too. soooo fat

So something came to my mind. Why do people give me the shocked look when I tell them I'm not only a virgin, but I plan to stay that way until I get married? I made my mind up a long time ago, and yes.. I have slipped in my ambitions but luckily, not THAT much. I guess I don't have a good reason for not just fucking someone's brains out except that it does kind of mean something to me. And yes, it is hypocritical that the man who messes around town won't just go all the way. Who really cares? It's my thing and I don't judge those who have sex all the time.. that's their thing and it's all good. Thankfully, I'm not the only person sticking by his gun and not shooting it, at least at Riverside. I guess I just don't understand why people ask me "...WHY???". Funny thing is.. I have get so much more when I'm not looking for it. Oh life, you krazy bitch.


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good day again. :) Um.. I really should just write.

First thing's first - my meeting went alright. I'm being censored, but really it isnt at all.. for more on this confusing subject, inquire with aim sn theeseXayone

Anyway. I had more to say earlier, but it's gone. A few things are, it seems. So to make this relevant and meaningful for myself, I will now post this, which was stolen from a facebook blog, which was stolen from someone's facebook profile. Viva le plagiariam!

"The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. And then you die. What's that? A bonus? I think the life-cycle is all backwards. You should die first and get it all over with. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you're too young. You get a gold watch. You go to work. You work forty years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You do drugs, alcohol and party. You get ready for high school. You go to grade school and become a kid. You play. You have no responsibilities. You become a little baby & go back into the womb. You spend your last nine months floating... Then, you finish off as an orgasm. I like it." - Unknown

*sigh life.

As lightning storms rage on throughout the cold ass desert, so ends my first day of classes back at le UCArrrr. It was great, doing absolutely nothing but watch tv, walk around campus con le cuz, see Natalie, eat awful food, sleep throughout Pootie Tang, be woken up by the most.. well, by a fone call, proceeding to sleep more until class time! The rainy atmosphere really helped make today, as we all sat by the big TV in our comfy apartment, watching Not Another Teen Movie and witnessing the start of the evil lightning storms.

You know what. This quarter's going to be juuuuuust fine. Great, even. Oh, and class was good too.


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Just got back from a retarded workout, first of the year, wish me luck on continuing .. again. New years was alright for what it was. Definitely unlike the past few ones, but no complaining involved.

The quarter will be good and dandy once I clear up some stuuuupid school stuff. Bloody hell. I spent the first day of the year reuniting wit my cousin Nanstar.. that was awesome. But now school is back in full swing, I'm tired, and I rather be in bed.

Great year ahead!