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and it drove me to madness, and it will drive me to madness over and over again...

Totally weird: I was sitting in front of the Geo building, reading the Highlander, as a shadow cast over me, one which was not the bushes behind me, but Dr. Blair Jamieson himself. I had no clue, as I was blasting the fones away, and it wasn't until I look out of the bottom left of my eye that I see shoes.. and him staring at me. It was creepy ahaha. Creepier was the fact that he stuck around and caught up with me, even talked to Doris and whatnot, telling us how the psych minor is so easy to do. puta. Alright so, him just kind of watching me and then hanging out isn't creepy, but I hadn't seen the boss since the beginning of the quarter. Hah, drinking at noon, what a loose cannon. I'm jealous =[

Whether due to the signs crossing with the moon or the sun, or some explanation I can't think of, people have been incredibly nice these past few days. Moreso-than-usual kind of nice. What-is-going-ON kind of nice. hehe I mean you have people poking like krazy on the facebook [and I admit, I did my share], stopping by for random hugs and chit chatter.. gah.

I'm no pessimist, but I'm not used to the liveliness I was feeling from EVERYBODY these past few days. I guess creepy shouldn't be the word I use to describe what's been happening. I'm just not used to such awesomeness =). I've been absorbed in the world of psychological disorders, crush exposure and response prevention, and everything BUT a heatlhy social outlet [a consistent one, mind you].

This quarter is nasty, and I don't like it. But having random good times along the way makes it worth going through. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm complaining about this pandemic of cheery friends and shit. NO stoy acostumbrado, okay? Especially not during th quarter in which everyone should be going krazy.

I guess it's just me.

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Joey just humped me.

I think I just popped my last blood vessel.


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wow. Jose is gone. Rest in Peace, man. That totally came out of the blue.

I don't know what to say. Just a few months ago we were all trekking around doing much of nothing in that big mess of a group called Slackers Anonymous. Goddamn, I wonder how everyone else is doing. This is so sudden. I can't really say anything else about it at the moment. Death always makes us look at life and wonder just what the hell were doing, holding grudges, hating, and destroying one another, too busy to just enjoy the fleeting moments we have. Jose is gone.

thanks for letting me know.


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it's crunch time here in lovely UC Riverside. Which means that for the last month I am here, it's time to put aside the millions of thoughts, feelings, experiences that I have been living and put them on the bench, while I sit myself down and strive to hit the 4.0 once again.

I've been having an overall great, but tiring time this quarter. I wish I were more efficacious in writing, but instead of asking why this and why that, why not for the time being, let it pass?