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Matt and Luis .... future mac owners??? More on this much, much later..

Well summer is winding down, and fast. I move in tomorrow. I don't know what to think feel or expect.. so I'm not gonna give a shit til I'm back in Riverslide =). It'll be great just being back!

Alright. This song's got me. No more for now. Must... get... new album


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thanks so so soo much to everyone who called, everyone who scribbled on my wall, who texted me, who hugged me and made me feel great today. Even if you didn't i's okay. I only really had a few celebrated birthdays =)

I suppose right now is the time when I should reflect and evaluate what my life has meant and has been for the past 20 years. But I don't... feel the need to

I have great friends. Few but mighty. I have family. I have my health. So much to live for.. I don't know what where I'm headed most of the time, but that's fine by me. All I know is that it's exciting just going

I feel like I'm gyping myself and my captive audience by not posting a ton of pictures. No worries.

My life has been this awesome coaster of good, great, awful and all unforgettable. If we ever had a moment or two together, I'll always be thankful for it and for your company. EVERYTHING has come together, all the madness, in a mish mash (haha mish) to make me who I am today. I love who I am, man.

Thanks for that.


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this song reminds me of first quarter. Just me, walking around campus.

You know before freshman year.. I didn't know I had a cousin on the other side of the valley that just so happened to go to Riverside too!

Maria C Erives, Mcuzzzzz, Happy Birthday. This day is for you despite your hatred for it >:D

hold on



I kinda don't know where to start because it's all supposed to be kind of unspoken and obvious, what I think and feel about you. I mean in grand total, all I can say is, that you're the most awesome person I know, not because we have this habit of .... hm, doing and acting and thinking in the EXACT same way (although thats creepy aveces, it is mighty awesome).

I think it's because of everything else we've shared that truly bring out why I feel this way about you. We've tried, and succeeded, in climbing mountains together.

I don't mean Box Springs Mountain either. There's this connection between us that I feel people envy sometimes, and it's something really special. It kicks us both in the butt sometimes, but it doesn't matter. The good stuff that makes you Maria always outweighs any of the neg that is bound to happen when two people like us are together. You're funny! Goofy and histerical, sometimes it's creepy ;D

not in the ahhhh creepy way, but creepy because.. I don't know of anyone next to myself to pull out random stuff and go krazy with the ha-has. haha. I spelled ha-has

Charming side aside, you have your serious side, which I should've learned a long time ago means to leave you be to do the introspecty thing (because that's exactly how I am, too). Our relationship aside, there's still so much to know about you. Your brain is a journal I can't steal >_<

and that's fine. I don't wanna be caca smothery more than I may come off as sometimes. I'm sorry. But you just.. fascinate me, in the izzy ''whoa why is this person so amazing and my friend'' kind of way. That's probably why I feel inferior sometimes. This feeling of awe I don't get from myself, but that vibes off of you.

Anyway I'm just wasting your time on the day you don't wish attention onto yourself (who are you, joey?). Nobody else knows me like you do. Nobody else knows when I'm upset, hungry, or LYING. puta. I realized a long, long time ago why you piss me off so much sometimes.

Because you do things that I see myself doing. Bad things that irritate me about myself. I wish you wouldn't do them. I guess I should start with yelling at myself on those, eh?

we fight, and we have our tough times, and I'm a huge jackass..

but I love you, prima.

Have an awesome day cuz. Now clean your room, eat some FOOD, stop watching gilmore caca, and thennnnn have an awesome day =D.

you climber of mountains. I still don't mean UCR mountain.


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had to blog, as the pics below are farrrr too weird for me to be staring at everytime I check in.

hooray for new music and new times ahead. The weather is easing a bit, andI feel like going to the beach. The best friend is at home for this weekend and this weekend only - but with 4 wisdom teeth missing. So there goes any idea for the weekend.

I wanna go to the beach and listen to thishere music. I feel very.. upbeat today. Porquoi? No clue. wait there's a clue. I think think thinkkkk.. I've gotten to that point, where I'm really enjoying the benefits of summer.


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Happy Birthday Vain. Right now you're yelling "come here, monkeys!" at the tv screen while Rebel laughs her smelly butt off. I thought I'd give you a message or two before a) the evening is over and b) I go and own you at Mario Party.

We've been through the gauntlet. You've taken the mistakes of myself and our parents, and made a great kid out of yourself. No.. I'm serious. You could tell great things would come out from you, even with the nasty mushroom haircut from back in the hayday.

haha. We've grown up together! Alof of the phases in music, people and hobbies I went by across the years, you were there behind me, slowly making your own niche, wherever you went. I just tried spelling ''wherever'' like a fucking million times. GAHH. That aside - you went from smelly little brat to.. Egg

what the fuck was up with.. our.. everything? Oh man oh man. good times

Look at yourself. You're 16, and already SO much more well-adjusted than so many of us at your age. You make me proud. I'm glad that half of the shit i've been through you will be spared. Some stuff isn't necessary to grow.

Anyway, thanks for being you, and always sticking to being you. You have your quirks; you yell, piss, and boss around rebel alot. alot.

but then again.. I like that

You're gonna take this family to new heights. You have alot of work ahead of you. Just remember you'll always have family to pester you all the way through, with love and support.

but then again.. you like that

Just you know, stop being a little SSSSSSLUT.

Much <3's and other corny mush, LJ


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noooooo =[

she contacted me and found me. And it's awesome but.. she's as beautiful and as untouchable as ever. bah.


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from a word document 'blog'

July something something, 2005

>_0 arrgh. Years of, as my brother states “being a bitch” have finally caught up to me. Karma and I are currently not speaking at the moment hahaha. Oy. I typically get sick about once or twice a year. And man was I overdue!

So with my fever reaching new heights and my body feeling new lows, internet down and phone too far to reach, I’m in bed. You know that feeling when your whole freakin body just hurts? Everytime I close my eyes this beautifully warm sting washes over them. Ahh sweet pain. But today while I was dying in the shower I feel like this all serves a purpose. It’s forced me to stay in place.

I never considered the idea that long “vacations” do anything worthwhile except slow you down. So many of my friends have taken this school sabbatical to travel, to snorkel with the dolphins, to escape the house, and striken a school sabbatical – summer school. Man, so many little plans I did despite myself. Going to Mexico. Davis. Riverside. I have done none of them and overall, doing NOTHING drives me up the wall!!!! I can’t can’t can’t just do nothing. I hate it. It’s straining my being. I fully believe that this sickness was meant to address that.

I wanna go out and enjoy myself, find something to do, but I came back home for a reason. I gotta let go. This isn’t the time for me to stay “busy”. I’m gonna have to convince myself to enjoy the time I have left. Already I don’t like to go out as much anymore. Izzy is right guys. Being busy beats spending money doing unproductive stuff. I’m not saying short visits away doing things you don’t usually do is bad, but… would anyone really wanna do that all the time?

Happy belated Birthday Chally. I’m an asshole with no net. I hope you had a great great day.

0_< *melts into puss*

Day 2

Forget day 2. If you’ve ever been close to a fever dream, then you have a smidge of a clue as to what Day 2 feels like.

Day 3

Everything is still on shutdown. Immune system went to the liquor store and never came back. Cell phone offline, internet offline, CABLE OFFLINE WHY ARE WE SO POOR BUDDHAJESUS! Agh. But I’m feelin a bit better at this point. >_0

Happy Birthday Blair Jamieson, you sexy, sexy man. You act strange, you disappear sometimes and my girlfriends think you’re … pretty, but that’s exactly why I like you :D; I like my people weird, erratic and attractive. Hahaha. And alcoholic. And with a borderline obsession with Dave Matthews (you know what they say about those who listen to Dave Mathews). If I were a guy, I’d go out with you.
Back to the Food Network.

Day 4

UGHUGHUHGR785. Slowly stabilizing. The heat in the valley has been busting and bending records left and right this week, with Chatsworth hitting like a million and Woodland Hills as well. The situation it puts us in here at Teran manor is pretty swank: wit no central air, we all huddle into one room here in our 2 room apartment mansion, turn on the pretty little air and slowly tear into each other.

We recently discovered this… intense love for the Food Network. Yeah Izzy and I had a thing for Rachel Ray since forever, but… oh man, there’s so much more :’(. So cooking is in store soon, and I think once I can handle the kitchen, I’ll know the health is on the rise. Glorb. Must leave the house. We’ve all been in here forever. Gonna go krazy. But feeling much better, no more fever!!

Day 5

I pulled something yesterday, placing down 3 pizza boxes onto the living room floor were we were to picnic. I have a history of le back pain, and everytime it stings me I remember that our bodies are prone to damage down there. Stupid faulty human design. With my virusy-illnessy thing practically gone, I feel a lot beter in terms of everything, EXCEPT MY BACK STUPID BACK &%^$#@. But hey! My drive to write and read is back! The sex drive is back!!! Ahhhh I missed my sex drive =). And still the biggest drive makes me the happiest; after 3 days I ate something and it didn’t taste like sucia! ^^^^^ man. Stupid back.

God I love you and all, but cmon, if it aint fever madness, its back problems? Why you trying to hold me back to ‘relax’ like this? Whatever.. tv is on, and I’m tired of fighting and trying to do stuff. Slothery, come get reacquainted with ol LJ. *kneels back in chair* ahhhhhhh. Gilmore Girls. Cuz, you and my sister need to stop watching this. Rory is like 8 >_<. Now Backdoor Contessa… that’s a show I’d be proud to watch. Bye gang

Day … 11… 6 days after day 5 makes 11, si?

Heat wave. I’m feelin fine and dandy now woot woot, but with people dying [literally] here in the valley due to the heat, we’ve been advised not to leave the house until the afternoon hours. This makes being a hermit easy, but seeing friends… not so easy. Feh. Still no internet. FEH. Talked to izzy a few days ago. I miss izzy and everything and everyone a lot nowadays. All I’ve been doin’ is playing games, watching food network, COOKING awesome food, and going on late night ice cream runs with the family. It’s actually kinda cool.

We have a few huge family events coming up soon, which means that we’ll be going to homes of people we never see [and there has to be a good reason for that], and dragging our butts out of the house to uh, get reacquainted with the scattered relatives we have around here. When the hell am I getting out and doing some fun stuff without dehydrating?!?

You know, this is the last day of July, and I haven’t seen anyone outside this family circle in ages. Stupid isolated July.

Day whatever (August 2, 2005)

Internet’s back


A million emails and comments and cacacacaca later, I finally got to sign on and suddenly being stuck indoors after all these weeks doesn’t feel so awful…. Wait…. It still does.

I think now that I’m healthy, the weather isn’t killing people and I have the net back, I’m gonna go back to the summer I was looking for – alone. It sucks sometimes, having friends scattered around everywhere, me in the middle of the vast valley, but hey. It’ll make it awesome when we finally get to see each other again, right? I hope that whatever any and everyone is doing this summer, they’re enjoying it.

That’s all that matters in life. Enjoy what you’re doing, live life, and work with it when the times get.. noisy. Going through blogs, trying to catch up with people’s lives… I’m glad everyone is making the best of their time. I’m learning a lot just reading here, seriously, but enough reading, I need to get out. You know going outside before 7pm for the first time in weeks… I really do feel like a vampire. One sexy, sexy vampire.