The bodies of Chris Benoit, his wife and son were found today in their home in Atlanta. He had missed his scheduled match the day before due to some sort of family emergency.

I got to see Chris Benoit wrestle live. I got to grow up seeing a man do what he loved to do and enjoy every second of it. It breaks my heart to know that Chris Benoit is gone. I'll miss you man. I love you.

1967 - 2007.


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So there we were: Nerissa and Vinnie (Burns!) in the front, Ismael, myself, Vanessa, Maria and Natalie behind em, with Candace, Shraddha and Mariam lurking somewhere in the very back. 8am, Humanities 1501 Industrial/Organizational Psychology final. Shortly before the final we were all just shooting the breeze, talkin and pretending to go over some things we missed while studying the night before. It was nice. 20 minutes or so later and I was outta there. damn man, the shiz is over.

it's all over folks. finals are over. College is a day away from being actually.. over. done. And for some strange reason, it feels like some things are just beginning. I kinda like feeling this. Life is pretty alright.


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thigns are going pretty sweet. Everything is sort of peaceful here. The sun shines down and the trees sway with the wind, casting these really nice shadows on everything. It's almost as if someone said 'dude, it'll be okay.' I think this graduation is gonna hurt, really hurt. Riverside pulled off its charm on us good didn't it, heh. If anything this place really brought together some of the greatest people I have ever been around, and am fortunate enough to have met. sigh.

If I wasn't a social retard in the most unwanted of times and situations, I dunno.. I could perhaps really say what I wanna say to whom I wanna say it. What can I say (ey!), this place will be hard to leave, because it'll be really hard to leave all of you! And the leaves spin in circles, reminding us all that one way or another, we're all part of something special.