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Blah. let me add my 2 cents. ...I'm in shape. I'm not big and people usually guess I am in the 150 lbs range but I am dense.

Diet: Eat a variety of stuff that isn't crap. It really is that simple. You don't need to go berserk on protein shakes or some shit like that end and end up with blimpy gym muscles. It's really pretty obvious what is healthy and what isn't. Vegatables, whole grains, some fruits, chicken and fish, etc. You don't have to try to get all crazy counting carbs or whatever - the key point is say no to shit you know is bad. No soda, no dessert, no empty calories.

Reps and weight: High weight with low reps will make your muscles large and strong for short bursts but undefined. Low weight at high reps will make your muscles less strong but leaner, more enduring and more cut. I do pyramids, which is start at low weight high reps, work up doing less reps and more weight, then back down. For example do 15 reps of a bench press at 150 pounds, 12 at 180, 6 at 220, then back to 12 at 180.

Abs: If you want abs you have to lose fat, period. Crunches don't help you lose fat any better than any other excersize, and large abs underneath far looks like more fat. If you want super-defined abs obviously you need to work them, but losing the fat is far more important.

Muscle and weight loss: Muscles burn energy by being in a state of tension. Lean muscle will burn energy but all muscle will. (More than fat obviously) If you want to lose weight and look cut focus on more reps, less weight.

Random other: The most important thing is stick with it. If your body is telling you to stop listen to it, but try to push yourself within reason.

Free weights are MUCH MUCH better than machines. Anything you can do without a machine do without a machine. Machines are good at isolating muscles which is good if you are a body builder and bad if you are anyone else. There are other reasons to use machines (like safety, convenience, etc) but free weights are a much better workout. Free weights force you to use a lot of different muscles - stablizing muscles, the muscles you use to get the weights into position, etc. For example military press with two dumbells is a lot harder than miliary press with a bar, which is in turn much harder than a machine. Because with two dumbells you have to use both arms equally, have to get the weights into position, hold them there, etc.


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Tuesday: 550, Thursday: 770.

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