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I've wanted to, thought about it and come close to, but it wasn't until Ismael called me that I got enough of a compulsion to blog. awww I miss my roomie :'(

Summers been really .......

different. Too early to say anything else. I was walkin back home with my brother today and due to where we were, I started to remember last summer. You know, having my own car, being Roel's mexican pool boy, all that.. stuff. Couldn't help but be like gah.. this summer is way different. But I had to shut myself the fuck up, because circumstances themselves make where I'm at pretty unique.

A year-long odyssey full of goals achievements disappointments and exhaustion can beat anyone up. I was beat. Getting to sleep 8 - 9 hours a DAY as opposed to every 2 days, and not havin to worry about what I need to take care of, is awesome. Having a family that will let me sleep in everyday is awesome. Awesome awesome. However, having nothing to do this summer as of right now, besides a few sketchy plans, grates on my brain. Kicking and screaming aside, I LOVE overloading myself. I love doing alot of things at once. I thrive in it. It makes me do better. sigh.

I miss Riverside! I miss what it made me do, I miss my friends, my cuz, my roomie, my whole Rivertucky family... they all surrounded me as a collective whole, making the atmosphere over there an awesome one, no matter what I was doing at the time. I miss it all. That said I'm pretty scared of next year. I have no idea what's gonna happen, or where I'm living, or anything. Ahh the suspension of le UCArrrrr ;D

I've seen most everyone I wanted to see out of the friends I don't get to see often at all (only getting to see Matt once too. bah to that), so I'm good. I could go back to Riverside now. I don't like saying it but it's the truth. I dont care to see MANY people at all. I love just hanging out with my closest friends and doing my own thing sometimes, being with family and stuff.

So I'm gonna keep doin that. This summer is very different.. maybe because for the first time in my life, I don't have an actual plan for anything going on. I have a few goals, like go to Mexico, talk to Reslife, go up to Davis for a week. Be with bright eyes, exploring and getting over where we live. Catch up some more with whomever else is in the valley that I wanna be with. But in between all that, I'm gonna sit back and relax. I suppose that's the biggest lesson to learn this summer. After a year of "madness"..

I really should learn to relax. I deserve it.