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so. Speaking from experience, I just wanna say that you better be careful when you decide to get yourself more than one internet ''blog'' or sorts. You're fucken dumb if you aren't smart about it.

see, Luis got him a blog, an lj, and a xanga. Not too retarded, right? Wrong.

* Blog will stay with me forever.. and it serves its purpose as my pseudo-catharsis mechanism.
* LJ is to keep up with the rest of the universe and post silly quizzy junk.. much more fun and light on the mind than a blog
* Xanga... wtf was I thinking??!

I know there must be folks out there with all three, probably using one and then another to hide out and be all private and shit. OoOHH SECRET BLOG LOLOL!!~ man give me a break. If that's why you sign up for multiple shit than get a life. Noone even wants to read more than what you already say in ONE of those damn things! I think we all may have gone through this secret blog phase or whatever, and it's dumb. just dumb. Want privacy? Get yourself a pen and paper. Wait... no.. nevermind there. I guess I'm just trying to say that mulptile blogs are dumb if you use them for the same shit.. an that secret or private shit is dumb too, because NOTHING is private when it comes to the internet. ahh.. I feel so much better.

2 weeks and counting.


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So replace Joey with Habib and off we were on a fabulous journey to get Luis home to his woman.. ok his sick little sister. haha. We stopped at Diamond Bar to Bryan's house, which was... amazing.. omg... it was att hat point that Ismale and I feared for the sirens to go off ''MEXICAN ALERT!! MEXICAN ALERT!! CODE BROWN CODE BROWN!!'' but it was a great thing. We all ate at In N Out afterwards, where Bryan and I briefly bonded over how every asian boy is immensly depressed.. man that was fucken histerical. But anyway, with Habib leading the way with the map, we finally arrive to my palace/2 bedroom shack, play some Mario Kart, and now my princes in shining old rusted green car armor are probably back at UCR, waiting for me to bring back the fair princess Brighton, whom.. won't be there til after this coming week. hahaha. Sorry for the constant middle ages references, I just watched Shrek again. bye

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Why Luis and Ashley Needs Cars by: Luis and Ashley

* cuz we end up getting stranded at UCR when our ride forgets about us
* cuz we die a little on the inside
* cuz our friday thru monday plans are screwed over by one day
* cuz there is NO reason to stay in teh dorms when we're done on a thursday!!
* cuz we need to play all our hoe sex cd's in a car cd player

Ashley got a ride home today, even though she tried her best not to leave me behind :]. Joey Bryan and Ismael are taking me home after lunch at some point so everything will be alright I guess. Thanks guys ;D I know it sounds like I hate staying here at sckool more than I have to, but that's not it at all.. I love being with everyone here whether drunk highi or not. I jst really like my bed at home. And not getting assaulted about how mexicans ''smell''. ahhhh but yeah. It's been a good week, cuz I got to talk to sooooo many of my buddies far away. It made me all happy and stuff dude, which usually does not happen during the end of any school year ever. Time to eat so bye


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never have late night q&a sessions about sex.. they gave me the worst nightmare EVER.


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alright no more dumb retrospecting for today. I need everyone's help now ;D. I'm writing a scene for my world lit class. I have to write a sex scene. Yes.. I'm starting my porn director career at age 18, and being from the porn capital of the world makes this assignment all too simple :D. Ok so not really. I'm having problems with detailing the start of this scene. Like, I have the visuals in my head, but I can't detail the seduction, the taking off the clothes, and the breath-taking kisses into words. It's really hard [ew.. no pun intended] and so I'm at a loss for words, literally. Misty suggested I read up on some supermarket soap novels, but ugh.. I'm a little scared it'll make me come off as trashy. Hell I even tried watching vh1's Soap Secrets or whatever to see how I can really make a steamy scene come to life through words. I'm gonna lose my mind over this. Is there any resources I can turn to or something?? If you get me an A on this assignment we can share it :]

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hahahhahahahahahhahaha... I don't think I've ever felt so retarded. wait.. no, never. Gotta love growin' up :]


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so yeah, I loved Troy. I loved the movie. I'm not gonna make any apologies for it either. It did exactly what it was supposed to do: take an epic story and condense it enough for the dumb general audience to accept it. It may have been slightly off historically, but what movie based on a book DOESN'T do that???? Jesus.

I think all the performances were great. In all honesty too. Yes even Bloom... he made me wants to gut him even more than I already do. woot. Eric Bana is sooo badass.

Like someone said before, this movie was based off the Iliad, which was NOT the whole 10 year telling of the battle at Troy. It was a summary of sorts, which it did a fine job of. By the way, did any mythology buffs like myself laugh whenever it was hinted that more was to come from Odysseus? "I don't care about missing the beginning, as long as I'm here til the end." hahaha. I loved that. Great movie.


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weekend was pretty nice. Or is. oooh pretty sunsets every fucken day make me love this place.

So today I learned that one action you do can potentially define you for the rest of your life. Achilles is famous for dragging Hector from Troy to the sea. Homer is famous for writing the Iliad and the Odyssey. Apparently anything else about your character doesn't matter; cuz once people define you, that's all you could ever be.. and only God knows how to escape that kind of pigeon-holing. I mean we know little else about people except for what everyone else says, until we do our own investigating. I bet nobody really knows that Achilles almost drowned in the River Styx, or that Homer was homosexual.

But hey, whatever tells a better story is what people are gonna use when talking about you, right? right. fuckers.

What about me then, if I coud be so narcissistic to ask about myself? I think I'm pigeon-holed by even the dearest of friends.. something I'm never going to like. But whatever.. I thank Him for giving me the gift of being versatile. Joey calls it having a mold; I just call it being well-rounded. haha. Man.. 3 weeks to go til my first year of college is over, and I'm STILL slightly bothered by shit that should've been dead a long time ago. Damn pigeon-holers. Sunset it out again tonight.. like right now, so off I go. Check out my last sunset pic:


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only she could possibly cheer me up that quickly. :]]]]]]]]]]]

I've just finished the bleh-est week in a long time. I got sick and tired of dumb people messing up whatever fun we were having at skool. So I went home. and did absolutely nothing and LOVED IT.

Then Brighton called me and made my life worth living again. Fuck man.. I have a lot to do :-/.. I want these next 4 weeks to go by AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! bah

PS. WHO LOVES THE NEW BLOGGER!!!!!!!! Fucking amazing. That's rigt mother fuckers... blogs for life


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"An honest answer is the seighn of true friendship"
---Proverbs 24:26


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I have a lot of plan for the coming week [hopefully going through with all of them].. most exciting of all SEEING MOLLY!!!! man.. can't wait.

I've entered this phase in my life where I'm doing alot of tweaking to my life - mental, social and whathaveyou. I've scurred myself and those around me before with this stuff.. but this time around it isn't something THAT drastic. I mean now, I know who to ignore, who to embrace, without questioning my actions all that often anymore. I feel good 8-). It's like that one famous quote..

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I,
I took the road less traveled by
and that has made all the difference."
-Robert Frost

.. and here's to another 20,000 hits. THANKS ALOT YOU GUYS!!!!!!! :-)