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The political climate being what it is, it is mighty awesome to see so any of my friends so involved in the understanding and thoughtful consideration of all these big issues we're all facing. I suuuure hope Jon Jessica and Lydia all do awesome on your immigration papers!

and I suuure hope I can sit my brown ass down to do this terrible set of midterms =[.. end of quarter mountain climb and alcohol binge here I come!!!!


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Before the moment escapes me, I really have to say that one thing I truly want, and have wanted ever since I was really young, is relationships that will last me a lifetime. I just finished seeing the series finale of Will & Grace, and as they got older, and continued to run into each other.. it really struck this hard chord in my heart.

It's something I have always wanted. I remember feeling like it was something I was not capable, or worthy of having. I remember this sad sense of jealousy from seeing others bond. But you know.. the reason I feel I cried is because seeing this stuff on the tv really showed me that one way or another, I have earned the relationships I have, and one day I will be an old man, with his friends - family - by his side.

ah man.