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man. Tomorrow I will write bout how cool today was. No.. I will write, not type. yeah. ok bye suckers


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15 minutes, 39 seconds.

That was the highlight of my day. I had the worst day of the summer today, with a lot of waiting, boredom, and no actual working. But, as frustrated as I was once I got home.. Matt had called twice, I got to see a video of my new little cousins, talked to Lissa, Ismael, and then yeah.. I finally found the guts to call her and now I'm so happy that whatever bad happened today, is gone.

If I had a car I'd go right now


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amazing song.

You know, ever since I started this blog, every summer it passes has been radically different.

Like.. every summer I've spent with a different group of people, doing a different line of work, taking care of different things... and I'm sick of it.

I wanna see my old friends again. And, without someone telling me I can't. I know things aren't really ''as usual'' with anyone, but CMON! It's summertime! Isn't it time we got reaquainted?

For some reason all I wanna do it stop worrying about oh.. man I need to talk to these people and just see my old friends again. See where they've been since I last saw them. I'm more than a little bitter at the fact that because of other people's grudges against any of my actions, I can't see everyone I wanna see. Fuck that crap dude. I wanna see Matt! and Slackers! NIC! MOLLY! JEN! ARIEL! I wanna see Meg.. and Glen.. and call me krazy but just ONCE I wanna hang out with Friedman, one on one, and see how that goes. In fact I kind of want one on one time with a lot of people. Throughout this past year it's been all about the big groups, the cliques.. and I'm tired out from that.

But you know what, out of all the great people I wanna see.. I think the most catching up I need to do is with Matthew. Because really, we haven't really hung out like we used to since well... 12th grade. I'd like to change that this summer.

Goddamnit.. I didn't mean to let myself go on a rant like that. Oh well.. I meant all of it


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Brighton's gone after tonight.. back to Berkeley for work... ahhhhhhhhhhhh man THIS SUCKS. Summer won't shine quite as bright without my Bright one :-( *sigh*..


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work was alright. That tan is slowly evening itself out. woohoo! Money time soon $$$$

I thought of the weirdest thing today. I don't know why but I kept thinking about codenames and nicknames etc, probably due to too muh Kill Billing. Anyway, the other day rachel called me an emo kid in denial, so Matt proceeded to codename me ''emo''. Retarded I know, cuz I'm both not in denial nor am I that emotional at this point in time. eh

anyway yeah. I keep thinking of all the names we've allll given each other throughout the years. You know which I'm talking about too. Some a little too mean or personal to put here in the blog, but you get my drift. How dumb of us!!! Methinks we're all past the point of using codenames when trying to talk about somebody. Or at least I am.. anyway. I'm seeing Mink tomorrow after a year or so. Then onto Fortunate and if my dad lets me, I'm driving over to the Bay to see if I can get me some retribution. Mush of course, is in the schedule too. And Bright one. man I give up... too many nicknames and shit, I've proven my point as to how dumb we all sound sometimes. ^_^ bye


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top concerns as the summer begins.. on this dark June 15, 2004:

* I started my summer job today. I ditched the idea of working for the LA Times again and went for working at a construction company. Man how mexican of me. hahaha goddamn this bad sense of humor. I am already 3 shades of brown I never thought I could be. Luis needs sunscreen like a mofucker.

* I Miss Brighton Lynscot Kimbel. sooooooooo much. Tears my heart into pieces. If LUIS had a car I'd drive you wherever the fuck you wanted. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

* I've become somewhat of a bastard. Introspecting today while putting up tiles for a pool, I realized I've become someone people can't push around like before. I remember my UCR people being like ''omg ur so mean now'', but really I'm just as rude and crass as anyone else now. People may not like it but it sucked being too polite and nice most of the time. woot woot for extroversion~

* Hunting someone down isn't the funnest thing in the world when everyone's telling you not to do it. Eh well

* So.. I had this weird ass dream where I was sitting in this alleyway, and Daniel Friedman passes by im a limo with two really hot girls. I wish I had a dream thinger book to explain it.

* Who's up for a Battle Royale movie night??? ME!!! I'll watch it alone in my bed if I must. Same for Devdas. and anything else. I've seen wayyyyy too many movis this year; it's a bad habit to kick. ok bye


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Average day:Weezer - Buddy Holly
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Falling in love:The Postal Service - Angel Pumping Gas
Love scene:Staind - Epiphany
Fight scene:Ennio Morricone - A Silhouette of Doom
Breaking up:Linkin Park - Lying From You
Getting back together:Coldplay - Warning Sign
Secret love:Lifehouse - Breathing
Life's okay:Incubus - Aqueous Transmission
Mental breakdown:Silverchair - Emotion Sickness
Driving:The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
Learning a lesson:Modest Mouse - Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset
Deep thought:Sigur Ros - Staralfur
Flashback:Yasunori Mitsuda - Reminiscence
Partying:Jimmy Eat World - A Praise Chorus
Happy dance:Queen - Bicycle Race
Regreting:Our Lady Peace - Bring Back the Sun
Long night alone:Something Corporate - Cavanaugh Park
Death scene:Bjork - Gloomy Sunday
Closing credits:Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Your Life: The Soundtrack brought to you by BZOINK!


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So all day yesterday I got to spend my time with my love.. my bright one

and yeah, it was the best time I've had since... well since I saw her last time :]. I think the greatest times in the world are the simplest, and it was proven true yesterday. After taking lots of pictures of one another looking emo, I made food for her!!! We both attacked Matt about jew power, got a call from Friedman, left Jenny a message, and stuff. SO we were off to the movies. Glen avoided her call cuz it was from my house hahaha. Better luck next time. The bus never fucken came [proving AGAIN that we both need cars], so we walked as we usually do, up Winnetka to our theater.

Saw Troy [well again.. and boy were you mad at me huh Brighton!], and we took the greatest walk back home EVER. It was 11.30pm, just me and Brighton, walking down with the moon a gorgeous yellow, that looked like an eggman. We spent the time telling each other about our top 5 desires. It was ao amazing. I should write about it [even though Brighton says to NEVER WRITE AGAIN] ahahaha. I love that girl, and I'm so glad she was with me.

We got home after a stop at my 7-11, and we sat in my living room watching Kill Bill, a classic in our collection. Around 1.30 her dad came to the door, and for the 3rd time that day I was told that her brother would be going to UCR next quarter... god I have the worst memory for small talk. All I know is that I had the best day ever, and when she goes up to see me for my last week of finals.. I won't remember specifics, but I'll remember what an amazing time I always have with her. Man.. someone stop my mushfest. bye


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from the desk of Luis Teran...

this is to the Birthday Girl, the wild child, and one of the best friends, Jennifer Ewald. This ones for you, kid.

I first met Jenny back in 2001, at the start of our 11th grade year. That's right.. I met Jenny when she was a stunt double for mops around the world:

Always one to make people laugh, she went from Jenny to Flemmy in a flash. We became real close friends. phy-sics!!!! Here she is as Avril Lavigne, or something:

Jenny's a what they call ''balla-balla''. Her boyfriend is my best friend Matthew.

They make me feel weird with their lovey-dovey stuff sometimes, but that's probably due to how happy they make me feel. Who doesn't want such a great relationship right? I'd be their sidekick anyday :)

Jenny is a woman of many talents. She is a critical thinker:

a heavyweight drinker:

and a camera-hog:

andddd manages to find herself a great group of friends:

but most importantly, to me, she is one of the best things I've come across. For a while, I got split from my core group of friends from high school, and that subsequent summer lacked them hardcore, I lacked them hardcore.. until one day Jenny and I talked and it was then that I realized I made a friend for life. You know you have something really geniune and good when you can go from friends, to not friends, to even closer friends afterwards. Jenny's been there for my awkward high school phase of emotional problems, and things I still refuse to talk about.. and I couldn't think of anymore better to have been there with me.

even if she's a dangerous driver.

SO jenny, Happy Birthday. Hopefully flem, we'll all reunite once more during New Years, in what would be our 3rd New Years all together in a row, to celebrate yet another year of great times. I'll be seeing you soon.

<33's and other terms of plutonic affection -



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in an amazing display of hypocracy, I am putting this in both my blog and lj. hahaha. go to hell

thank hesse for THIS:

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. amazing. Thanks Jessehano :*

this is what you're all gonna do for me now. You're gonna make one of yourselves and comment it here for me. We can do a lj/blog friends anime photo album thinger! This proved very successful when Ashley, Jesse and I made everyone into drag queens. So get to it ya bitches by clicking here where it says click here..