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today is a badass day. Rain pouring the Riverside streets for the first time in a year, essay andmidterm finished..

..and it is the 21st birthday of one of the greatest people I have ever met in ever. Happy Birthday Ismael.

here's a small gallery of awesome. For the sake of you being awesome, I will keep it to pictures only. The words are all over them. You are the best izzy. Viva minimalism!


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these past two days are deeefinitely worth noting.

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Bannockburn is like IV. But trash.

2/24 is worth noting. No just because it reaffirmed that Ashley and I can ALWAYS pick up from where we leave off in our awesome storied relacion, but. Because. I think Izzy and I like taking a leave from what has now become our routine (him at housing, me in lab) and just hanging out with buddies. For no reason.

Makes me really appreciate these kind of times, and makes me remember that this was what freshman year was like, every single day.

We are so getting old. :)


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self-satisfaction comes at a price.

that price is criticism.


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school madness

I had a meeting with Dr. Funder today. For those not in the UCR Psych Department bidness, Dr. Funder is the chair of said department.

While discussing what I had gone in to discuss (which is nunya's business), Dr/ Funder said a few really... uh, interesting things about me. Since I had made an appointment with him through Sue, he and Diane Fewkes (sp?) took the liberty to look me up before our meeting. Yep, they did an academic background check on me. It turns out, I was one of 2 A+'s he had given in a very long time, when I took psych150 with him. He remembered me when I walked in! He said I sat in the middle middle with a consistent group of 5 - 6. I was like whoa.

So after telling me I was one of 2 A+s and how those are rare for him to give, he told me he looked at my COMPLETE academic record. Both of them were impressed at how 'credible' I was, and all I could freakin' do is blush and DIE. These are super educated people patting me on the back. It felt fantastic and I couldn't get the blush outta me. Told me I was his favorite student for that quarter - yeah. What do you say to such things hmm?

Anyway yeah. Looks like I may have another letter of recommendation in the works. We talked and were very nice and accomodating through the whole thing.

Now.. if only the things we talked about get sorted through. For the sake of not pissing off the captive audience, let's take off some vagueness and just say that it had to do with the labs @ UC Riverside, and my status as one of the Research Assistants within the University of California, Riverslide. oh how things will develop..

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I like the fact that things can be resolved, but things can never be over. Everything is too intertwined, too related, too proximal in the bigger picture to ever be "over".

I think that the nature of our relationship proves this to a tee. Maybe not. There's also a difference between resolved, and left in the air. Here's to you, my first true love. I'm eternally astonished at the fact that we can move on so swiftly and completely, but we check on one another around this time.

Nothing to much else to say on here about that.


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Happy Valentine's Day.


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things feel so awesome when you work forever to achieve them.

I was browsing AIM and saw that doris had this like, rate thing on yourself thing. Saw she took it from cuz, so I ended up doing it for both of them. Found the things interesting. It asks you to rate the top 5/6 best and worst features about said person. That was kind of hard. I don't usually think of bad features about doris or maria. Not consciously I suppose. I made one of each [best/worst] for myself.

I am so elated that my patience [my hidden, hidden hidDEN patience] has paid off, and tomorrow I'll gift myself something so cool. Today I spent some time thinking of past relationships. I wore something Meg gave me. I thought of relationships that never came to be. I thought of Ashley. I also thought of what to do for tomorrow. I don't do anything when I'm single, cept be my sister's valentine. But she's all old and 11 now, too cool for her brother, so I thought hey. I am going to treat myself. A nice gift for being so awesome [based on my standards]. A nice dinner for never eating fancy dinners take away xmas and thxgiving. A nice, easy day.

I think we all deserve one of those once in a while. k. adios

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I love you, I enjoy your company, and you make me glad we're friends. but


still fighting my way up.