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haha, this song is awesome, for I am a badly drawn boy, and we have all fallen into a river...side... thing. Ok it sounded much more awesome in my head.

Today ends week......1? Of classes? Does it? Hell.

It was so nice seeing everyone back into, or kinda into, the swing of things. Seeing so many faces in classes that I knew. There's a definite growing sense of a retarded community amongst the psych majors. Aside from the rivalries, I guess.

Doris teaching me about pepsi floats was the tastiest part of my day. Getting all these STAFF kids coming up to me telling me how Housing missed out on hiring me was a nice shot in the ego for me (and I LIKE it!). Really though, what made my day..

..was just being with some of the best friends I have. Goddamn. We're really not alone.


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This summer was another good one. Never again, though, ever.

I had my first 3 guests ever in my little nook at Bannockburn today. Man, having Doris then Ismael then Bryan over made me happy. The viewing of our Law & Order: RH video was good times too. With classes starting up again, things are going to pick up nicely even more. Every day I've been with a slew of my friends, which has made this small transition almost a .. breeze. Judging by my company of the past few days in Rivercity.. this is going to be a good year. I miss living with the Izza, but no worries. I'll sleep on his counseling chair someday.

My room is fine. I get the same "ohhhhhh..........." reaction from the majority, which to me is cute. You get what you pay for most of the time in life.. and this one's no different. Me? I pay for the Asbestos.


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one of those songs that makes you pause for a moment and think.

I'm back in Riverslide, and it feels kind of good. My attic [heh] is taking shape, and the fact that I don't have a complete 4th wall is becoming less annoying. Honestly, the biggest thing about the new living arrangement is having to adjust from going to Izzy, whom for all purposes was and is awesome, to a stranger. AND SHARING A BATHROOM.

Aw well. Like someone said, college is all about the awful living experiences.

I miss home already..

but this is good and it will be good. I went out with some of my clique last night, and that probably sealed the deal; that nothing but the place I go to bed has changed. That's comforting =). Hope my friends like my new roommate Scott.. and I hope I do, too.

ok bye bitches. Come visit my attic!

ps. 11.53am: I think my roommate and I talked for almost 3 hours 0_0. He's a nice guy. Everyone be nice andstuff yea? Oh and once again my streak continues... none of my roommates enjoys the party scene. meh. But good times! Living here won't be bad at all =). Izzy, take this quiz I stole from Matt

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--Jean-Paul Sartre

?It is man's natural sickness to believe that he possesses the Truth.?

--Blaise Pascal

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Divine Command






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Tonight is one for the ol memory book. LIFE!!!


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bumbadadadadadaum, dadum, dadum, dadddddududm

Not much you can say after seeing your two oldest friends.

Actually, I didn't say much all evening. I mean, Malalai and Nicole each had their catch-up stories to bring about for one another, and when Molly asked me ''and you?''... I just threw out the Ashley thing.

That made me think. Am I just in some sort of .. transition phase? I feel like my life just is, and that's great. Nothing to speak of pulling at my mind. Nothing shocking. Nothing worth noting...

It's funny. I have a great little life going on when you look at it. I guess it's a great, super cool thing that I really didn't have something to say when she asked me..

and you?


It's September 3rd, 2005.

mental note.