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Well, as of tomorrow summer is coming to a serious close. I'll be at UCR first thing in the morning, moving into my apartment @ International Village. Sems like yesterday that I moved out of the dorms; I think time is going by a little fast here.

To be honest, I'm still not really prepared to go back. I can't really put a summary or conclusion on this summer, YET, so I'm not gonna say it's over until the instant I have to buy my damn books. Goddamnit. There is so much left to do, when will I ever finish it? =/


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Anyway.. today was a little get together for Slackers at Joe's work. It was meant as a sort of farewell for Glen, but the honored guest flaked, more or less. ahaha. So the rest of us hung out for a while, I showed off my tolerance for wasabi, and it was a fun time. I upgraded!! Over a yr ago Art and co dubbed me an honorary korean, but my resistance to the japanese spices upgrades me to honorary japanese! hahaha. That's right and I don't even know how to speak any of it 8-). I have to upload pics, and whatnot.

Then I got a ride and yeah.. this is where you came in

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I thought once I had done it, I would feel this rush of righteousness, a .. smiling calm over me.

And I was right! But I didn't expect to feel like it wasn't enough. Man. Some things are a little too hard to sort out sometimes.


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When something keeps showing up, it's begging for attention.

Well fuck that bullshit. I refuse


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today was cool. I won't get to see the Mateo for about a week which sucks, but I got to see Mush today! Talked to te bright one too, although that conversaiton did not end o_O. Anyway blah blah, I am taking a break from my nip/tuck marathon to tell you guys.. that it is the best show I have seen in YEARS. It makes me wanna die and cry and all that good stuff, but most of all.. it makes me wanna have krazy sex with absolute strangers.

I think we all need to see this show. Since when does something I recommend end up not going over well with my bestest friends? Don't answer that, smartass.

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Our baby hamster is so fat, I love it. It keeps me company when I'm up this late.

I just finished what I call some of my finest writing ever. It isn't enlightening nor is it very good in terms of originality, but I'll be DAMNED that it doesn't make me feel so much better after having written it. Isn't that what writing is all about? Anyway, I'm feeling much better. Let's get really high now 8-)


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turns out the little cough I had a few days ago at Dan's house is getting worse. *deathhh* xx It's given me nothing but trouble. I don't feel like doing much of anything, which sucks. I had te worst case of the "Mondays" yesterday - all due to this piece of crap. Am I doomed to die before I go back to school? Place your bets..


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hahahaha omg.. Matt, if you read this.. say goodbye to your little invention. Gimme a call! ^_^

Anyway things are going by pretty cool, and you can tell summer's coming to a climax. It's a little sad, since I know it's going to be a while before I see alot of people again. Instead of counting down to the move-in at Riverside, I'm gonna take these last few days and go out with a bang. In more ways than one..

I realized earlier that I did a terrible job of taking pictures this summer. Terrible. I blame it on everybody. Must fix this before it's all over. Anyway with things coming to a close, isn't it about time we stopped reading this and went out somewhere?


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... and this was the best gift of all.

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this song is so mellow and upbeat. =) This is an atypical birthday post, so skip it if you're looking for any ''deeper'' thoughts and insights; trust me, those are coming..

Thanks to everyone who called and left messages everywhere yesterday on my birthday. I felt the LOVE in all it's forms. Special thxxxx's go to those I spent these past few days with. Why yes, my ''birthday'' was celebrated starting Sunday.. haha.

I spent all of Sunday with Brighton, who was on a two-day stay in the Valley. It was an awesome time, highlighted by it being our first outing alone that did NOT require walking. Yep.. she became a passenger to the Chihuahua mobile. We were all up and down the valley man, and all into Hollywood and Melrose; a great day indeed. After spending a whopping $1 on a new shirt for myself, she treated me to ice cream, swearing to GOD how bad she felt about not being here for Tuesday, my actual birthday. eh

Skipping Monday because nothing of note happened [except for the LOSS of internet at home], on Tuesday I got a shazzle of fone calls. That was very cool. Weird too. I never made my birthday either known or a big deal because I'm used to doing it that way. Matt called so we got together, with Glen to .. hang out with Justine. x] I still hate you for making me sit in front you bastards. But all was full of love.. I suppose.. we got to Roel's to chill for a while when Dan and Joe surprise the jeebus out of us. This meant Glen had to clean the ant-boba drink from the bathroom. Sera was there too so I felt totally weird, in a good way, because while nooe had said happy birthday [yet.. oh boy], I guess that's what I expected so the evning carried on. Then Max arrives, aigo.. what was with the SLackers reunion of the millenium?

SO we all watched the Olympics together like a couple of lazy asses on a hot summer night. I carried Joe somewhere and eventually everyone was like oh.. it's your birthday? I would've laughed, but I wasn't much for laughing. I was kazed and dazed at that point.

After getting home, I sat myself down and tried to write something - anything. And it hit me; this was the mellowest birthday ever. I assure you I hate the idea of a ''birthday''; hence why I try not to bring it up. However, these past few years were pretty significant and it begs for a comparison of sorts. I go from years of strictly NO mention of the day to the summer of my 17th, when Matt/Jenny/Meg/Beth [haha Beth] gave me the best birthday of my life. The next year, they were all gone and it was HORRIBLE.. but I had the likes of Glen/Enza/Minjung make it nice. But now? I got to hang out with my best friend, some real good friends, and unexpected people..

I just hope next year isn't as random. Reseda point next year.. I swear


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today's the 13th, right? Goddamn. Around this time last year I suffered a case of the tattered heart. And I guess I still am.

4 days left before I'm... oh whatever. I'm really tired. I don't even know why since today I laid on my ass and did NOTHING and enjoyed it.

With noone around to see today I fixed up le car with my dad, so I guess I'm back on the road soon. I'm not in the best mood as of this evening.. something's bothering me. oh well so anyway, there are a few things left for me to do to conclude this ... fascinating summer time. The "Summer of Retribution" as some people heard me call it. With that noted, Luis has a pen somewhere, so I'm gonna go use it. We've run out of weed!!!!! Someone please save us all. bye


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this is the best song ever. No joke

I had a serious case of the Mondays, man. :-/ What a total downer. The worst part of my whole day was my transmission dying on me. UUUGGGHHH. THAT is what I get for accepting a car for free from a shady aunt whom doesn't really like me. damn this world. ALso I got home WAY too late from work to call Matt back [on Glen's fone..]. Blab. On the bright side, on the way to EBGames I was with the kids in the car, when all of a sudden I hear "LUUIIIISSSSSSSSSS!!!" I freak out and I turn over to see that it was Molly and Pinki!!! KRAZY! That made my day man. Hope they had a good time in Irvine. Ahh I miss seeing them everyday. But yeah, earlier the rebel and I went to the Coinstar like the mexicans we are and we made $110! We used 40 on the little brother, as his birthday is tomorrow. Tomorrow! He's going to be 15, and that really frightens me. And next tuesday it's going to be my turn.. I fear turning old and lonely.

This is what it sounds like.. when doves cry


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Last night was definitely one of the coolest days of the summer. I went this whole last week working and sleeping, which meant I didn't see anyone at all. But once I got to Matt's the whole shitty week was almost worth it!

There are few things better than an afternoon out with your best friend, doing absolutely nothing. And by absolutely nothing, I mean getting messed up and watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. I don't think we've ever laughed soooo hard hahaha. You know ... I can't remember anything better right now.

Busy week this week!.. you have no idea what shit I'm getting myself into ^_^


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thought I'd chime in today with some stuff ;D. Today goes down in lj [no, not livejournal] history as the day I lost my driving innocence. Make your own conclusions on that one fellas

This is the first week I haven't hung out with anyone, so far. It's a change, kinda weird.. but my best thinking always happens when I'm alone. I know summer is still in it's full GLORIOUS swing, but I've collected myself enough to feedback on what's been going on. It was about time I did something more than get high and drive and sleep, no? Oh, and Molly you've already seen this. haha

It's been a summer of definite conclusions. Everybody says oh, it was a summer of growth etc etc.. and maybe it has been, but that's not the be-all conclusion to these past few weeks. I've done alot of good thinking as I've worked, as I've seen my old friends, and had time to myself.

I realized that life is the best gift we could ever be given, and for a good portion of my life I think I spent it trying to figure out, why THIS happens, why THAT had to occur, really thinking too much about things that just brought me down.

This summer, I've gotten to reconnect with Matt the most from my high school buddies, and I'm so glad for the chance to bond again. There are some friendships you just never expected to go back to and feel so good about again.. and you'll always be pleasantly surprised somewhere. I have such a great time! It's like making up for lost time.. and I don't mean college time. Summer's been amazing because out of those I HAVE gotten to see.. it's been the greatest times for me. Countless stories [and pictures duh] which makes me so glad I haven't been wrecking it all for myself, worrying about this or that not being what I want it to be.

I realized I can't be in every group and know everyone and be friends with everyone I like, and that.. that's okay. Noone asked me to spread myself thin. I'm supposed to enjoy those around me and hopefully they can enjoy being with me.

There are DEFINITELY people I haven't kept in touch with, which I regret.. but am I to feel horrible about it? We're all building our lives and futures right now.. and I hardly see anyone going out of their way to catch up with ol louie! hahaha. And that's cool man. I'd LOVE to see so many people. But time and effort can always be made.

I used to feel like if I didn't do all these things and worry all the time, that everyone would BE a waste of time. Apparently, I was wrong. Things just kind of work out in the end, and you'll never know when, or how i'll get there.. it just does. Our inability to guess ahead into our futures is probably the biggest blessing in disguise, because knowing what's to happen sucks.

I'm at this place where everything is good. Life can always get better, and worse. I'm happy KRAZY!! I have been for a long time. I guess I should've said something, or whatever. Luis is totally cool dude, and I probably needed to type something like this out for me to notice.

So much more to say but my fingers are hurting haha.. guess you'll have to get the rest out of me some other time. Summer's only half over folks, let's make magic happen :P. My god that was corny.

I guess I was wrong; I'm no Summertime Killer. But it SOUNDS SO COOL! Oh well. Back to the drawing board.


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what??? Go to hell, you bastard. If nothing else I hate being the constant butt of old, retarded jokes. Go to hell

Anyway - this really small [really sudden] rise in anger kind of reminded me - I haven't done anything but chill with ma boys and girls. I thought I'd be mad at myself for not putting myself to doing something more productive, but nah. I'm more mad that the past is something you can't ever re-make, or put behind completely. Damn you stuuuupid fool, making my day sour. Leave me alone - isn't that what you wanted for yourself?

oohhhh >.< I'm sorry.. I hate when I let bad people influence my behavior like this. I just need a good talking to, I guess. don't listen to LOSERS, LUIS. It really is hard to listen to yourself sometimes. late