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Just something I forgot to put down: LINKIN PARK sent me an xmas gift! hahahaha!!! I got a great letter from the guys, and their new t-shirt. This is wut happens when you support someone from their beginnings being nobodies who played at the cobalt. That's right.. I fuckin' rule. All I have to do is take over the world now.. ^_^!!

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I think Roldan gave me some of his sickness or something. *cough*

Yesterday [and really, early this morning] will go down in history as one of the most absurd and random moments in my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It was also a big indicator that indeed we are all growing up, perhaps something we neglect to notice when we're soo concerned over our pety everyday insecurities. So Brighton, Glen, Ashley, and Rody.. let's try to have a little better luck next time we decide to do stupid illegalities, mm? hahah. I got work to do. late


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Christmas was great. Like.. really. hehe I didn't get much [eh] but what I did get was amazing. Thanks Patra for the biggest surprise and nicest gift :D!!!! It was finally time to replace the old stolen.. forgotten one. Thanks soo much. I loved Xmas themost because even though they had work VERY early, my parents stayed up with us to open the presents. I really wish only the best for my family. Onto other news..

The year is closing down, and New Years is coming up on us very fast. Instead of attempting to put this past year into words I thought I'd let pictures do the work for me. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. so if I put up lots of pics, does that mean I'd save myself typing up thousands of words? Only time will tell.. and to those I haven't seen yet this break HELP! This cursed break's time is cutting short and I have no idea what to do.. ahhh. See you soon fellas. Now click on this and be happy:

give lost1nplace more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own


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Been so hectic around the house that I couldnt get online.. heheh.. ahh break =)

Everything's been pretty good so far, nothing to complain about except the unpredictable weather.. but even that isn't a biggie 8-). I've had enough time to weed through break without too many retarded complications. haha. But you know, being out constantly, seeing him and her and them and all is sort of kicking me out of loop. It's like I miss out on one thing if I'm not at another or something. But hey that's life for ya. Apparently I missed some huge amazing Slackers Anonymous Extravaganza at Glen's house this past Tuesday. Man! Wish I was informed of it, it would've been a blast.. especially seeing Jenny and Peter An again!! damn damn damn..

I had this dream that woke me up at 6am this morning. I can't even remember any of it, except that I wrote myself a memo when I woke up telling me to call people throughout xmas day. I think I JUST realized, like right right now.. that Im wearing myself kind of thin trying to see every-single good peoples I know during this short 3 week span. I'm gonna go insane.. find some time to save me, neh?


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today's the 18th, right? *plans schedule for next millenia* bah! This whole having-3-weeks-for-break thing sucks total ass. But so far this break has been totally good to me =) I was at Cleveland all day today and it was the best time ever with Lissa xD. mm where to begin...

- Got there as skool started [shush Nic] and hobbled on into Vitaly's to meet the smashing Lissa. Taked to Vitaly, but ugh I addressed him as Mr. Vitaly and he totally gave me the lecture.. eh. I faked concern for Eddie's status in CORE and made it out of his class alive. That man is such the worst example of core kid who comes back to teach.. jeebus. I jettisoned to next door..

- to meet the love of my life Barkataki 8-). Joe was so right.. she looks so weird and different. The piercing wasn't expected. She showed me love and commended me on getting a 4 on the AP test. I think she did that just cuz I was one of the few to pass it.. hehehehe >) She had me talk to her class about college life which was alright, and I could already tell that there is VERY FEW kids who give a damn about their futures at present time. n00bs. Wish we coulda talked more but I had to scram with Lissahead..

- Lissa is pretty damn amazing and non-nerdy cuz she's sooo quick witted. I LOVE IT! I missed her and her... Lissa-ness. yeah that works. haha while trying to find my long lost wife Ms. Miller, we got kicked out of her class by the biggest jerk sub woman I have ever met. "You can open the door, you know. *SLAM!*" Crock. Out of sheer curiosity we deicded to find this magical mythical media academy building...

- and =-0 it is sooo PRETTY and and yeah.. you'd NEVER expect CHS to have such a nice place. haha. You're gonna have to go see it urself =P it's sooo damn nice. Like a cheap small version of CalArts or something. Lissa and I were like =-0 and =) and ^_^ all the time we were there, it was nuts. We got to see a video of a virtual CHS, and I swear the first thing that came into my head was that they need to make a map for CS out of it!!! woot

- We saw Nutrition as our chance to catch a glimpse of the man I Messiah for.. if that makes any sense. LINN!! Hugs hugs love hearts smitten~ 8-) We had this really nice conversation with the man, and then Mr. Lemmon came in and he's aging so gracefully. Giffy too!!! oh my god she's hot and everyone looked happy to see us. Three basic things Linn asks me:

theeseXayone: he asks me 3 things
theeseXayone: rite away
mistikXsiamese: ??
theeseXayone: 1. where do i go to skool
theeseXayone: 2. does tim hsu still hate you
theeseXayone: and 3.
mistikXsiamese: LOLOLOLOLOLOL
theeseXayone: is the world still against you
mistikXsiamese: how'd he kno #2

Then he asks the obligatory 'what are you majoring in' and when I tell him he nods and says how I'm abnormal and some stuff.. I really missed him =). Us three had various discussions on how you know, he;s the greatest teacher ever, on philosophy, Freud, Sartre, life, and why he's so against me taking his picture. Then he asked the 'who's going to UCR with you' question and then laughed at me.. I told him some things don't change and that's that =)

- Lissa had this inner burning passion~ to see Coleman, so we did. I don't think I had a coherent conversatio with him since I first got into core, heh. It was fantastic. Lissa got to brag about her being at CalArts, and I swear everyone goes ooOOh gaga krazy when she says it. You know it too, you bum. He asked me why I'ma psych major, and I told him... because it's a huge power trip, I love to figure things out, and I wanna tell people how fucked up THEY are for a change. Fuck yea... 8-). It was a great conversation, I explained how UCR is actually very great and I didn't tell Liss, but when he got up at the end I saw... yeah... that, so I cried on the inside as we said our goodbye and wallowed around campus.

- We sat on our amazingly hard sofa-type-things, and Paden walked by and basically said 'wtf, it's like 6th period all over again'. hahaha. Lissa and I talk more about people and about why I seem to get so many people riled up against me.. good times. Then we took lots of fun pics ^_^ as we sat in that now-grassy area on the outskirts of C, B, and A halls. No Ms. Hill, as I now declare my death..

- .. and we go to the quad. I guess it was about time I made peace with the gawdawful thing. They tok down your fucking marquee you bastards!!! hell yeah. I like how dead the grass was, how lonely it looked, and how great Lissa and I are. yep. I got to see RINA that krazy insane loveably girl, if only for a brief moment. We gotta hang sometime when Im not dead otay?? =)

- SKYLER! The hippie from Texas bumped into us and it was great! He asked me if I went to Berkeley and no.. I told him UCR. Then he asked about Enza, and he started laughing... bah =T. I think Sky and I need to talk =) so afterwrds he got bombarded by litle girls so Liss and I scrammed into Mr. Miller's... bum bum bum

- Saw Dana Kroop 00; short hair and all. Miller seems to be doing better so I'm very happy for him. He deserves a break from a lot of things, so I'm glad he's taking it easy. I really admire the guy wut can I say. Atkin was so busy she hardly got a hug in and had to run, but that's pretty much how I remember that grade and Atkin to be like. It felt good just being in that classroom as well.. fucken memories.

- Lunch, and we bump into Johnathon Pollock for the 94878th time -_-... we call Matt so he arrives and things get more interesting. >) Jenny why the hell were you baking pot pies and not joining us???! We go into B-tok's once more and Matt sooo wussed on asking her for AP money. Gah I loved it xD We gave a little college speech, some girl was VERY interested and we left.. ahh Barky. <3

- Matt just had to bring his Davis music >_<.. to brag to his idol Baltimore of course. So as I attacked Lissa he was GLOWING as he spoke to Balty, telling him his band shenaniggans. Steven Johnson!!! Got to talk to him briefly and it was great, that man is a total Abercombie ad it's disgusting..

- So we bump it to Blumblum's, but get veryvery scared of actually going in... so yeah. We'll do that one when there's more of us.. a hug from her may pierce my chest. hahahaha... woo. Claire joined us three in going to Ma's for lunch. MA'S!!!! dude... it has an A rating now. I guess they use high quality MSG now as Claire states. She looked soo excited to see us, it was nice. The food was eh, but just eating it was an experience in itself. My fortune cookie was the best ever too. Our CHS day was amazing and I loved every second of it.

- Lissa and I groove to the Mall and buy things, complain, talk, live and plot to steal puppies from the pet shop for a few hours. I had the best time with one of the coolest girls ever in the ever-ness of ever-land, til I had to go and I ended up walking home the way I'd go home when I left skool everyday. Today was a total nostalgia trip... as if we can ever get enough of it. Break has been good to me so far.. but it's sure giving me little time to relax. Talked to a few people when I got home, didn;t get to see Asheron.. but whatev. More break to come. *finishes writing entry and collapses*


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Went to Cleveland... stayed an hour til Joe and I vamoosed. Ah Joe.. he has a better butt AND he dresses nice. Gahdamn..

girly motif: where WERE you!?!
girly motif: argh
theeseXayone: i left once they booted me
theeseXayone: =T
theeseXayone: =)
girly motif: why'd they boot you
girly motif: they let EVERYONE in today
theeseXayone: not me and joe :-[
girly motif: ayla, bobby, robert, geoff, cory, garrett
theeseXayone: what the
theeseXayone: ...
girly motif: daniel stone
girly motif: jackie
girly motif: sharon han
girly motif: and me
girly motif: we were all at chs todat
theeseXayone: shut uuuppppp noooooo!!!!

Maybe I can try again tomorrow. Lissaaa...!!! I'M NOT GOING ALONE!!

I finished 90% of my shopping today, and I realized something. Last year... I spent a lot of money of a lot of good friends of mine. Necklaces, rings, clothes, journals, any and everything... dayum. I think I felt compelled to show my appreciation through material goods last year and I don't think it's the only way I coulda done it. whatev. Now I have nothing yet I still spend.. I feel like I'm copping out on this xmas thing. I've spent so much already! On UC Bears, on toys on little things.. does it all really spell I love you to whomever you give it to? I dunno I dunno... poor woes.


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Matt Friedman and I made Glen cry today. ^_^ I hadn't hung out with Matt in over 6-freakin-months, so this day was pretty awesome. I have the WORST high tolerance for stupid alcohol, so fuck drinking until I can drink enough to actually feel something. hahahah. It was a super good time though and it kicked off break with a bang. Tomorrow... THE LAND!


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Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

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I just saw the Mick Foley tribute on Raw, after not seeing wrestling since like ... I first got into college. It was amazing. My favorite song was playing in the background, and one of my favorite wrestlers was given his own video tribute... ahhh. I missed tv and I really missed watching what I've been a fan of since I was 4. :-) more indulge bye.


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As much as it isn't good, I loooove listening to my old stuff. I need a compilation cd or 2 or ... 8..

Finished my psych final in 1/2 an hour. Fuckin cookies 8-) Now I'm going home! With so many gone so far, finally it's my turn. Gonna miss the place, I really am, and all my new brothers and sisters. 3 weeks ... what the hell can happen in 3 weeks? Only anything. See you soon fellas


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Hell yeah I remember.

Be strong. Someday, hopefully soon.. everything will be alright. I just can't tell you when.

In the meantime, enjoy everything you can.. all I can say is that everything will be fine. =)


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holy shit I missed them allllll. Here's a bad thing about life: when you're surrounded by bad, it's very hard to see the good. In this case, I lost contact with Bunker at the end of the year, which sucks total ass. Caught up for hours and it was yay and damn... guys, break's gonna be rather busy =) I also called Bright-one and we talked and I need a ride to Berkeley... any takers? Fucken Glen is too lazy to drive. heh Like I said.. there's a lot to do during this break. hahaha when I called Jen, she freaked OUT and damn it was so great. Sooo great. *hands out hearts like candy* <333

I'm seeing a ridiculous amount of people. A LOT OF PEOPLE! Frankly I can't wait either. hehe it'll be fun to go against time and cram cram cram time for everyone.

As for the UC Riverside crew... no worries. This break will be cathartic. Things will be good from break on... I can feel it.

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Well, Joey has left the building. We had a really good long conversation at around 4am last night and hell. I'm gonna miss him and his Joey-isms. No really... I am :] thanks for keeping an eye out for me, as oddly similar it is to someone else...

damn. Everyone's really starting to leave. Not forever of course, but these next 3 weeks will be strange. I've lived with all these people for months, day in and day out. Ashley's leaving at around 4, and damn I'm gonna miss you Freak!!! hahaha. I'm gonna miss everyone from my suitemates to my buildingmates to people all around UCR. I've met a lot of good people here, as odd as this venture away from home has been. Gah this reminds me to actually fix my blog pics... someday

Last night Christina, Ismael, Manny and Shikha went up to Hollywood. hahaha that was such a good time. We ended up at Amoeba [<3] for a while, then trekked both Sunset and Hollywood and found ourselves in 7 [yes.. 7] freaken porn shops! Le Sex Shoppe is such a franchise lemme tell you. The greatest thing was devirginizing these guys from the experience. I felt like a dirty old man, since I had been to these places before =X. I even had a lovely conversation with the owner of one. He taught me how to use the simulated vagina. And I was happy. :-p

I had agreat time with them as we came back to UCR around 3am. I'm making friends everywhere and it's pretty tight. I was feeling very ... left out at random times by my people around here, something Joey says I have to figure out on my own. I guess I have work to do around here. I get to leave Friday morning.. and at this point, I'm starting to feel like I'm leaving something very special behind. I guess this really is my home away from home. late


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Well my life is over... Joey just gave me the eye of death =[. Why you ask? Simple... I have a huge snoring problem. *dies* I dunno what happened I swear! I should've known... one day I go home and my mom comes up to me in the morning, "Since when do you snore?" dahhhh

I'm friends with the suite across from us now after a bitter rivalry that was all Marco's fault. They're very good eggs, although very Roel-esque... in this case though they pull it off with style. lol oh man. Cannot wait for break. Need to escape. Things that will be different once I return to this place on the 5th: no more snores, no more journal-lessness, and no more worries... cuz there's a lot of good shit to come. late


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How I spend my time with my new friend Andrew:

theeseXayone: btw
theeseXayone: ...
theeseXayone: cleveland is better than reseda.
theeseXayone: 8-)
Thai Raver: uh
Thai Raver: no
Thai Raver: you know why?
Thai Raver: Reseda wasn't full of hippies
theeseXayone: here we go..
theeseXayone: yea well
theeseXayone: at least 80% of our population didnt carry guns
theeseXayone: ^_^
Thai Raver: we had the gang bangingest, car dopest, man craziest, druggiest areas
theeseXayone: oh yea???
theeseXayone: well we had the stonerest, hippiest, liberalest, insanest skool eva

more later. Finals finals finals finals finals finals


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I think I'm about ready to go back home and see everyone again. Just a bit ago Shannon called and we both tried killing Ashley... very fun shit. :D I think it's about time we all stop pretending to study for finals and just chill. I brought teh tv from home finally, so my room has becoe a haven for us lost little boys when we're bored. I wanna go back home and make time stop... everything really has changed too much, too fast. More on that later. I really do have to study some =T. bye


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12/3/03 - Brain food... mental orgasms =9*

After giving myself endless babble to fight myself over... I realized something. I hadn't felt relieved the way I did on the 26th, after I went through the recycling bin in my head and finally let out those final quirks I had. Matt/Tim Hsu/Meg etc... it felt good to finally lay some of that stuff out and done for. Writing such things out does not necessary make them get out of your head, heck sometimes they just become more public.. but it still feels better and less frustrating when you have a place to bounce them onto. I don't know why I feel I can write about Meg or Tim for hours upon hours, I find little purpose to it.. but I guess the man was correct. Why do I persist if it doesn't lead to a greater purpose or have a defined meaning? Duh... because I choose to. woohoo. late