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'assholes' are vain narcissists with no integrity.


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oh shit son, I just died and went to gaming heaven.


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it makes me feel an intense rush of blood crash into every place in my head and my heart, like an intrusive reminder that this is life, and life is knocking at the door. That is how it makes me feel. Damn you life. You are here.

Don't leave!


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Starting in the.. next few hours, after my morning gym routine I am marching my butt to Target to buy a few things. This new skin thing, a new towel, maybe some powerade.. and a new notebook.

I am coming off probably the most important weekend in my post-college life since my last weekend in my old apartment. Thanks to spending time with my friends, crashing once I walked back into my home here, and especially thanks to Ismael I am ready - or almost ready - to try and put together my narrative. Right now my head and my heart feel so heavy.. heavy with anxiety, with ambition, with worries.. and with hope.

and a little costco. More on life after I let my heart sink further into my body.