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let's take a brief look at why Japan and Luis need to have a serious affair.

I need this game. To put over how serious I am, please enjoy me embedding a youtube video from the Tokyo Game Show into my blog forever!

ohhhh man *explodes*


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The rain brings out something in me. It sure makes me wanna write stuff and wonder about this insane existence, for starters! It is raining pretty heavily here at home..

It's been about 6 or 7 weeks since leaving Riverside. The goodbye was pretty difficult, and I didn't really see it coming. I should have though. That's four years of my life - the best years of my life, that I was saying goodbye to. As Laurie helped me pack and take stuff into the truck, I had no idea that the final trip up and down the stairs would break me down. ahh man.

Moving back home has given me the freedom to fully understand the reality I am in. As my comrades start law school and grad school, I am here sitting in my bathtub, with a makeshift desk next to me made from our garbage bin, laptop on top, letting this goddamn song and the goddamn rain push me over my goddamn laziness .. blathering about everything.

I was recently informed that I couldn't apply to graduate school in Canada from the US. With that nail in the coffin (which I feel was necessary) I'm starting to shake off the cobwebs that I've allowed to surround me. If I can't continue to pursue my goals, then I'll just have to set some new goals! I work out everyday, I cook and clean for the family..

finding fulfillment in the simple things is something I want to aim for consistently. I just have to remember the rain. Let the rain guide me through these uncertain moments. I will no longer allow this nation to confine me.. if I can't get outta here to study and I can't study here, FINE! I will push my way to success in this world anyway. You just wait. Right now I just.. have to get used to what I have, and always remember that I can have what I want yet again, someday. I miss you already Rivercity. You left me marked.

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update, 10.33pm: what the hell man? Severe weather warnings interrupting my dang television? Why is there Lighting in the valley? I should never blog again!