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So.. is the 101 a good choice as the first freeway I decided to ever take?

Dear God what have I done.. you have no idea

I have a CAR, mother fuckers. After 34708347089 years yes I know, but ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Let's all just take that in for a minute. Congratulate me!! BETTER YET - congratulate yourselves!!! We can share in driving everywhere now, isn't that cool? IT IS!


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I am the summertime killer.

Yesterday was another cool day, as Matt called to come join me at Roel's house to do... absolutely nothing.. as he arrived, he told me he brought along a SURPRISE~ for me, which really wasn't much of one, as it was the oneonone elusive GLEN BAE! As we went off to Roel's house to take care of it [in my own words], we saw that Dan Lee was there, doing a much better job than I ever would've.

We all pretty much did nothing but eat, watch tv, and play games until Dan left, to which more stuff was done, including an eternal Naruto-gamefest and Glen scowering the nearest computer for... things Scariest thing EVER was being in the car with Matt as we drove to Roel's from a munchie pit stop. He looks in the nearview mirror and is all ''dude that guy is tail-gating us." I was all "uh maybe he'll go away once he turn" but he DIDNT so we kinda paniced and froze once he got to the driveway, where the guy was parked right behind us... :-(^#%@#

turns out Dan was trying to scare the piss out of us, or something.

It was a good time, and you bet I'll be lounging around Roel's place while he's gone hahaha. I'm a terrible friend. But really all I'll do is clean his pool.. and sleep.. and swim in mentioned pool.. and yeah

Onto why I'm the summertime killer.

I'm the having a great GREAT time spending my days with Matt and the people, really just enjoying our company. However. Colour me absurd [get your crayons ready], but I think I'm killing it all. Like.. I've realized all I do on my free time is nothing; while not necessarily atypical of a summer bum, I wanna do something more productive. When was the last time I called anyone? Or the last time I wrote something coherent and theraputic for myself? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I WENT KRAZY AND TRIED TO GET GLEN TO SEE ME BY OURSELVES?

Far too long folks. Help me out here.. I'm becoming a mellow [good], complacent [bad] and tired [eh] guy. I have alot of stuff I wanna do before this summer is over.. before I kill the rest of it off.

Don't get me wrong.. this is the best summer I've ever had. You know what.. I should let my best friends know that, too. I apologize for not doing much of anything. But really, shouldn't I be apologizing to myself?


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I am ridiculously self-conscious at times.

You ever wonder if... like, people you used to know, or haven't seen in forever, ever drop by and see your writing after so long? They must be like holy crap.. who is this kid. Kinda sad how as we grow, we tend to grow apart, so everytime we drop by to check up on one another it's seeing something different, and probably, something you didn't expect. Ahh I love my senseless deep thoughts of sorts. hahaha. riiiight... deeply random maybe. This was a draft post until I decided to show off my newfound vulerable spot. bye


"Ordinarily I act deaf and dumb, but with you ...its different." - Charles Simic

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No need to advertise me for the masses, but thanks for colouring me krazy enough to do so :*

ok that was just a random thing. I'm back online!! After 334 years [or a week], and I hated not being able to do anything on the comp buy play Sims [all 8 of them]. Good times

This summer is zooming by, and It's been a trip man.. whether it's being shady smoking out with Brighton or hanging out with Matt, or something totally weird, this summer has proven to be the most peaceful of summers. And I'll feel like I succeeded in being kool and happy by bonding with my old friends, whether or not I ever get tose blasted 10 minutes with Glen Bae.

Summer of retribution seems to have brought out both the best in myself, and those I hold dear :D.





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might as well update whilst I'm here waiting for Jenny's music to finish sending.

This new blogger is ggggreat. Kind of weird, but whatever. I shall adapt!

There's actually nothing to update about, except that I have alot of .. inventory I need to get rid of, so to speak :*.

Hey Glen, don't Stay away from terrible boys back home, ie ME!!@ heheehe. Please. woohoo!! hahaha. I bet someone's so insecure about your sincerity they're shaking in their boots about you seeing me one on one. KRAZY!!!!!!

Can't wait to see my Bright one tomorrow. And .. do alot of friend things. >) bye


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sorry I just used big font size for effect

um so yeah. I had a great time even though, driving to Matt's is definitely not something I enjoy. hahah. I took my cam only to not be used, but I are not dismayed. That Naruto game is the shit, man. I'm gonna spare me some slight chance to be talked about atthe watercooler, so I'm gonna go think summore and defintely blog later. When I can spell and I'm not tired n stuff. bye

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Hanging out with my people is te best. Too bad you couldn't stay Jenny!! And hey!


you know it'll be fun and worth tons of little gossip for you so CMON ALREADY GLENBAE


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I loooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeee talking to Brightonnnnnnn ok bye

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I had a nightmare which woke me up this morning right before 7am.

I can't believe how dreams work man. Somehow, someway, dreams pull you into this world where even the places you've come to fear the most appear without asking you to revisit. All the old voices were there, as if I had heard them just yesterday. The faces.. dude, I thought that after so long, you wouldn't really know what an old face looked like SO well.

My heart took a plunge and I could feel myself get tense when I saw you walk up to me and pretend like nothing had happened. =[ The oddacity man. It was intense. Guess this means I can't stall on this stuff anymore.. and I need to finish it off before another dream like that wakes me up and refuses to leave me alone. Sorry for the Roel-esque vagueness folks. I guess it's more fun for all of you to hypothesize, isn't it?


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wuddup gangstas. Today was koooool.

I went all the way to Studio City to kick it with Matthew today, and it was all good 8-). After both being amazing and sucking horridly at video games, Mateo and I stuffed ourselves with some sushi and went up to his room to see *ahem* BATTLE ROYALE. Yep the best movie ever. I really wish I could clean Matt's room. We were just getting started when Jenny[~~~!!] joined us, and viciously protested our watching the film.

After a little coersion and half the kids dead in the movie, off we went to Carney's. Today was very old skool, lemme tell ya. While I had huge nostalgia trips about who I was with and where we were, Matt proved to have the worst. memory. ever. Man. So we got our food after Jenny and I decided we should rumble, we uh.. saw Schneider of allll people eating with his family [I assume], so we scrammed outta there as obnoxiously as we could. Jenny's driving skills = amazing

Anyways ya, Jenny gave me her famous speech she and her cult/group does to pump themselves up, and after I recovered we went upstairs with Jake [best dog EVER] to see us some Dane Cook. I have a man-crush on that man. I did not know anyone but me knew of the guy but I guess I was wrong! :D Once we were laughed out, I was finally let into the secret society of "oOOOOOOoooHHH NnoOOoooOOOO!!!!" - ugh. We were saying that crap while we played Mario Kart the whooole time. *death* It's like we're not normal, or something. Jenny took me home, and we sang.. yep, and it was krazy and I can never ever listen to half of those songs again. They were from like 1998.

On a small introspective note, today was the first time Matt, Jenny and I had hung out, just us three, like we used to[~!], since like.. the first semester of 12th grade. I really missed it x], and while I know Luis in the equation Matt+Jenny can only = cockblock hahahaha.. it was still the nicest of times.

Now.. someone burn all of Jenny's 112 songs. UUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. bye!


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The Surreal Life 2 is rerunning on vh1 right now. This show has got to be the most amaaaaazing show I have seen in a while. It's soooo bad.. how can anyone NOT SEE IT?!?

so yeah, as summer progresses, summer becomes much more ... eventful [never a bad thing]

Glen Bae called me on Tuesday. and I went R@E@#&#@ cuz I thought omg.. good but then I got totally surprised and yeah, JENNY! Totally came outta nowheres and is back for two weeks! Brought a huge smile to my face x]. We all hung out like old times, took pics of ... Jenny, Jenny Jenny, and feeet, went to the mall, then went to Mateo's house, where I got to meet Jake [awesome dog] and then Friedman joined us for some Mario Kart action. Awesome day Tuesday was. Wait.. it was Tuesday right guys? 00;

anyways yeah. The bad tan continued this week as I actually BURNT the back of my neck. owwwwww =[ damn sun rays. I'm applying Aloe Vera like a motherfucker and it won't go away. Damn skin shedding

Probably the most subject Luis has been thinking about is this Glen thing. Yes, I have seen this man a few times this summer already [tho, I don't know at ALL how this man feels about it]. I presume that the fact that we had not spoken since January must have had a strain on our buddy-ness... along with a few other things. bah.

Being as blunt as I'm willing to go: GLENNNNNNNNNNNN. I have alot I wanna tell you dude. Like... really. The saddest thing to me is that we can hang out in groups and all I wanna do is be buddy buddy like before, but obviously, we need a chat before we can go there again. Give me my chat, man. I need it. We both do. I'd be so willing to write to you.. but I get the horrid feeling in my stomach that you'd show that around to people. and this feeling sucks. So GLEN!! If you're gonna work on your own schedule and accomodate me at some point in time; go ahead. But make it soon. This could be the best possible time to do something about this.. stuff. Color me a hypocrite but.. Idon'twannadiscussitonlinebutIfeltlikeyouwouldn'treturnmycallsoranythingifIdidnotputthishurrforyoutoread. yep. The ball is in your court and I'm just gonna let you do what you want with it man. I mean realy what other position do you/have I put me in. errh

Remind me not to put myself out there so much for people. It really does make one seem a little desperate, ne? Who do I sound like now ;D bye fellers


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so let's take a backtrack of sorts and see what's been up for the past forever.. on this lazy, comfy July 3rd, 2004:

good times

Into this 3rd-4th week of summer break, this break has definitely been the best one in forever. I've alsready done so many things, and it's BARELY July! :)

Right now I just wanna flat out say how awesome it's been to hang out with Matthew. About a week ago [actually, the day of my last entry] we saw each other after 6+ months, and hung out after ... over a year. Yep. It was definitely the nicest time I can remember spending with Matt, and I think we got to do some major catching up. Dude, I don't think anyone could ever know how nice it felt to see ya again man :D. AAnd that was just a one time too. I started to write about what we did and my thoughts on it, and I came to the conclusion that even if I didn't get to see anyone else this summer after that day, my summer would've still been awesome. Damn Matthew and his not-having-internet, look at all my dumb mushy feelings man!!

busy times

Let's just say, when I'm not out, I'm working. *sigh. Three weeks in: $300 made, with a little over $100 gone after a trip to SD. damn me

Speaking of SD, I spent last thursday and friday down there with some of my Riverside crew. It was great, and even though Ismael and I totally flaked on the bonfire.. a good time was had by all ^^. I mean... without Ismael losing his keys inside Jay's piano. Man Jay's house.. that boy is the richest sonofagun I have met. You know you're insanely full of money when you live on a street called ''Skyloft''. Good grief. hahaha.. I'm never gonna be that rich =[

momentous times

I guess this is more like good times pt.2. eh

Hung out with Priscilla after... wayyyyy too long... and I force-fed her Kill Bill and she said it tasted good. Had a major talk session [a pattern, I take it], and looks like I'm doing a bang-up job in seeing everyone I care about.. so far [cept her mom, whom I'm DETERMINED to see porn with. Don't ask why]

Randomly went out with Justine Curtis [making it within a week that I saw both Justine's.. odd I know]. Great stuff there. I had BOBA! AFTER 38497397 YRS! lol totally krazy time. That girl works like 10 seconds from me when I'm in Bel Air, so I should seriously try to hunt her down/hang with her then. woot woot

I went hiking for the first time with Roel a few days ago, and it was pretty cool. It sure didn't feel like 6 miles or anything, since we were talking and being dumb the whole way through. My legs felt like huge lumps of rock after a while, tho. Eating at Costco soon turned into a perverted euphemism for sex, but hey.. dirty talk is only expected when you're with the king of the soap novels. Gonna try to make it a bi-weekly hike thing or somethin.

Anywho yeah! I spent all of yesterday with Slackers Anonymous at the 13th annual Anime Expo in Anaheim. It was about 12 of us man. Waking up at 6 was NOT cool, nor was waiting in line for a thousand hours. But still, we all had a good time, I got me a wooden sword [so Matt and I could take out our frustrations on each other], and I realized I was one of 4 latinos at the damn thing. Such fun times.

Matt, Glen and I spent most of the expo together, and dinner at Citywalk afterwards as well. I thought it went by pretty alright.. considering Glen and I had not spoken since January. haha. Dude I felt so weird at a few moments; as I wanted to be like GLENNNNNNN!!!!! like I used to, you could tell it was a little awkward. But whatever man, I asked him to talk to me today, and he said maybe but I got no fone call back. I really hope we work something out. Cmon Glen!!!! Don't listen to losers who tell you to stay away from me. Just gimme 10 minutes. I'd do it for you, dude.

dizzy times

Man so, when I got back yesterday around 10pm, I got an email from my Malalai telling me we're hanging out. And I'm like YYYYYESSSS! So today we went to The Spot, and it was the greatest time :). You could tell it had been a very long time. I loved every second of it - seriously. I'm just glad I got to see Molly, and tell her everything I hadn't told her, and man... I have so much to digest. Seriously. You's my sister, even if I can't ever touch you or see ur hair again. Man man MAN! I can't believe it. I wasn't alone afterall. #$%^& Gonna hook[ah] it up more often neh? :D AND I DO NOT SUCK AT HOOKAH. I JUST GET A ITTLE LIGHT HEADED. woot woot after all this time... the only thing to keep us apart is your damned distate for my music. =[

"Luis I love u, I love u but I'd rather lose a toe." - in reference to my Rock music. *sigh

upcoming times

Random little notes here:

* Seeing MEG very soon. Soooooooo... not even knowing how to describe how I feel about that
* Seeing Ariel Fortune soon as well.. man I'm so giddy right now I'm babbling
* Hopefully I can get a fone call response from Glen and all will be well with my life
* Seeing lots more of my friends, going to Matt's, seeing Malalalaaiiiii and Nicole and everyone ever
* More work! More $$$$$ which means Luis can have an iRiver like Matt ^^


Here's to another 500 entries in this fucken blog. Cheers! [oh, and all new pics!!!!!!!!!!] lata