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Meghann's going away party was a smashin ball bustin unforgettable time. I think we all did the occasion justice =). I'm sure she'll put up the uh, 19268723 pics taken by Mat and Lydia and her in the next few days on facebook. wiiiii

I'd write and talk about how great it was but fuck, my head hurts a wee bit, and I have to pack summore! I am off, going home again until who knows when. Gonna really really miss my apartment and my Riverside here.. and my internet capability, heh. So yeah fellas, for those who come around the blog nowadays, call me at home - I'll be plenty bored and lazy.

Everyone have a great winter break and Happy Holidays. I think everyone deserves it. You'll hear from me eventually. See you in hell


YESSS and the cold and the rain finally pelt Riverside. Not so sure how this affects Meghann's party tonight, but oh well. I love the rain. From my window I see the leaves clashing against one another, a navy blue sky lighting up the buildings, and I see the reflection of our christmas tree.. ahhh. It's really damn wonderful.


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Rocky Votolato makes me want to be happy. He and his music make me dream of being in love again, of sharing beautiful moments with a girl that was made just for me :) It all reminds me of what a wonderful relationship is made of.

it's ridiculous aint it?.. I shouldn't be hit with the lovesickness until spring like usual.


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American Cities That Best Fit You::
65% San Diego
60% Portland
55% Chicago
50% Boston
50% Honolulu

interesting. Maybe someday.


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One thing I will always be thankful to people like Ashley, Ismael, Maria, etc about is that through my experiences since coming to UCR, I have truly discovered that I can surpass myself. I can transcend my existence and create an existence anew. Push your limits. Break down your self-imposed walls and surpass yourself.

I'll always be thankful for that. every single day. It's scary sometimes ya know, to put yourself in places you'd rather not be, but stepping outside your comfort zone can be such a great opportunity for growth. I can't let life slip out of my grasp. If I truly want to get as much out of life and out of myself as I feel I do.. then I have to go out there.

so I'm off.


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one term papar down! and gonna finish the second fucker tonight! Screw you horrible works of the heart! *siiiiiiiiiiiing my looove*

This song is ridiculously upbeat!


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I really can't think of any things happening in the future without getting sick. Perhaps finishing these papers will ease the nerves. I just thought about Meghanns HUUUGE going away party and really felt like not going; is this some turning inward swing, or am I too stressed to be carefree or what?

ahh universe, you are hilarious. I wanna laugh at it all with you.

Maybe Thursday. One bad week to go, just a few more days, just a quick touching up of papers and I can go sit outside with the world and reintroduce myself to some perspective.


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You know these past few months have come together really well in this term paper I'm working through. It looks like the overall message about life is to never forget the rest.

It's dangerous to say that to best live your life, you have to leave yourself and embrace the rest of the world; it's also a big mistake to say you should turn inward and discover the power of the human spirit. Both those opinions have the right idea in mind, but it's only when you realize that you need a TOTAL perspective - not just yours or that of the world - that you can then say you know anything at all. You know nothing until you realize that it isn't just you, it isn't just the rest of the world; it is everyone and everything, in an amalgamation of spirit and amazement that few people care to truly explore.

I'm afraid that once I finish this paper, I'm going to take this advice. Why afraid? I think it's because I'll be one of the few I know to truly open their eyes to something outside what they take as belief. Funny you know.. most people consider these years in college as the chance to take in something really different. I know everyone has it in them to try their hardest to achieve a glimpse of this divine sense of balance, but who's gonna quit? Who's going to say hey, I'm much happier believing that I've always believed. I refuse to try harder.

I don't know. It's also exciting to me too, ya know.. to feel like there's an awesome connection to experience, and be lucky enough that I want to go where I have to in order to live it.