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I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!


so yeah, school is back in session.. and everything is as great as I could want hurr. One complaint is how utterly lazy and slothish I have become, to the point where I pile up things to do, and never get around to them. eh well. This can only get worse when I have free days, which at this point.. I have 5 free days a week. 2 SCHOOL DAYS. You remember daydreaming about how awesome it would be to have only 2 school days? Well yea.. it's gonna be the end of Luis and his decent grades come June. Man I have a lot of things to do.. seriously. And all the time in the world is just not enough. bye


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alright... so I need to come to a lot of conclusions. Damnit Michelle my head hurts >.<

...but I've decided to write this one out. Great day.. great great day. Have some comvo:

OoPeek A Boo11: so i really wanna talk
OoPeek A Boo11: cuz rmeember we talked about sex lives
OoPeek A Boo11: wayyy back when
Thee seXay onE: omg
Thee seXay onE: ._________________.
Thee seXay onE: yea and then EVERYONE was like luis lets talk about sex!!!
Thee seXay onE: hahaha
OoPeek A Boo11: lol
OoPeek A Boo11: that was fun
OoPeek A Boo11: so let's update

.. and we did. I had such an amazing time hanging out Mushy!!! LET'S DO IT AGAIN!

Psykdelicchik21: MR.LINN=NO BEARD
Thee seXay onE: BEARDLESS
Psykdelicchik21: WHAT DOES HE LOOK LIKE
Thee seXay onE: hahahahaha
Psykdelicchik21: DOES HE HAVE A CHIN?
Thee seXay onE: I DONTKNOW!
Thee seXay onE: I THINK..??!
Psykdelicchik21: WAIT
Psykdelicchik21: NO BEARD????
Psykdelicchik21: OMG
Thee seXay onE: man... its like coleman w/out hairy legs...
Psykdelicchik21: my life- suddenly feels wrong
Thee seXay onE: scary shit..
Psykdelicchik21: no tats like colemanwith no GO TEE
Psykdelicchik21: omg
Psykdelicchik21: OMG
Thee seXay onE: =-O
Psykdelicchik21: thats like MR.PADEN BEING WHITE
Psykdelicchik21: OMG
Thee seXay onE: BLASPHEMY!
Thee seXay onE: HAHAHAHA
Thee seXay onE: LOL
Psykdelicchik21: omg
Psykdelicchik21: OMG
Psykdelicchik21: GIFFORD IN A MOO MOO
Psykdelicchik21: OMG
Thee seXay onE: LOL
Psykdelicchik21: MS.ATKIN-UM...AS MS.ATKIN!
Thee seXay onE: HAHAHAHAHA
Psykdelicchik21: OMG
Thee seXay onE: you just made me laugh sooooo hard
Thee seXay onE: MY HEART SKIPS
Psykdelicchik21: GASP!!!
Psykdelicchik21: dirty images of what

you don't wanna know lol. Molly you made me wake up the folks with my laughter. hahahaaa

so yeah. You wish you knew how great everything is for me at the moment, sucka. good nite


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so yeah.. that was definitely the nicest chat ever =), because I'm not so hesitant to talk about dumb high school stuff anymore. thx mush :D.. it was about time. TIME FOR PIC REVAMP!!


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today was my ''I'm gonna use the telephone way more than ever" day. So yeah my quota for the year is filled up. Much thanks everyone :DD. oh!! So plans for break are full =/. Make an appointment sucka. hehe and check Brighton's lj for pics from yesterday!! woot woot late

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your favorite song =)

alright, so I can't really think of a more enjoyable day than today at the moment. INCREDIBLE!! I have a ton of pics from it, all of which you'll probably see here sooner or later. Brighton wakes up way late and makes it to my place, and we hang out for a while, enough to give her her Valentine's/Birthday present. We make a slow, slow, and not-fast walk up to Nordhoff and Winnetka, where we .. indulge in illegal festivities. Hey, it's been a while since we get together :D. When it came to going over that enormous bridge to the Northridge Mall, the stupid weed set in and we got all giggly and paranoid like two lost little stoners.

We arrive at the mall, and the countdown began. You know the countdown - the countdown to see how long it takes to see someone from Cleveland. =/ yeah, it didn't even take 3 minutes for [hold onto something Matthew] NOEL~! to rush us from behind and attack Brighton and I. Total unexpected situation there.. but yeah. So after a few awkward minutes of 'oh, we go to college..' we scram to the theatres. Of course we just so happen to bump into Jose Rodriguez right there.. and at this point all I can think is these people NEVER GO AWAY. Brigton puts on her OMG I LOVE U! thing while I get tickets to Dawn of the Dead. Yeah.. for the second time ;-)

Brighton had ACID TRIPS I swear, while the movie was playing. I knew it was amazing, but this woman... Brighton, you're a sucker 8-). Afterwards I assume the role of ''boy that the girl takes to shops and asks opinions for when they don't really care for my opinions'' [phew] and boy that was blah. hahaha. I love Brighton cuz all we really need to do is talk and we have the time of our lives =). This leads to the inevitable walk back, in pitch black evil Reseda/Winnetka territory. woohoo! We head to Baskin Robbins right by my house, and.. yeah. Kuanna remember him guys?? Kuanna Jackson [middle school] works there. And I didn't really recognize him until he asked me if I went to Sutter. And ahhhh it was weird but nice. He goes to Pierce too. This is when I realize that maybe living in the valley forever isn't the greatest idea.

We get outts there and NOT EVEN 2 SECONDS and I bump into Dee, whom also went to middle school with me. We were also buddies back in the day.. you know, the evil luis wannabe hardcore gangster days. oy vey that was such a sad thing. I stopped talking to alot of people once the latter half of 11th grade came in.. and she'd be one of them. It made me feel bad. Brighton gets the munchies [well, she'd had them for a while] and we go eat at a Mexican joint nearby. I swear.. I love hearing her talk :D. Whever we were, we just kept it cool and .. she'es one of those rare individuals that I don't feel the need to fill up the conversation with. Comfort in silence. GAH amazing. Anyway.. we get to my place, she starts talkin to her date for tomorrow [hehe friedman!!!] and she gets all caca on me, trying to play Sims, when she gets picked up. I swear.. we both need cars in the worst possible way.

In the meantime.. I'll take all the walks I have to =). Reminds me to put up the pics someday, eh? And the video.. or scratch that. No video.


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so yeah, due to the fact that I woke up about 20 minutes ago.. I'm a horrible person. Apparently while in a sleeping state, my mom asked me to pick up my little sister at 1.20.. and I fully agreed to it. So yeah, thankfully my mom knows that I'm an unstable sleeper, so she picks her up =D. However, due to this sleep fest I've realized that I would make for the worst boyfriend ever. Thanks for waking me up Brighton!! Not only do I not call people really, but I don't pick up the fone either. hahaha. Alright.. no more napping, it seems like spring cleaning is still going on here =/


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Pit stop for a quick blog. I know we all eventually get deathly bored doin nothing, so I've decided to pull out some links for everyone.

Friendster - I've noticced that a few of you still haven't caught onto this disgustingly HUGE phenomenon. C'mon.. peer pressure!! *waves hands*

DeviantArt - my old deviantart account!@! hahahaha check out deviantart for some awesome stuff by some awesome people. They really do have ANY and EVERYthing graphic you'd ever want. Find lissa through my deviantwatch!!

Listen-To - you see that text on the bottom right of my blog that displays what song is currently playing on my winamp? Well yeah, it's amazing. It keeps track of what you listen to, in what order, when, and how many times.. God I love it. Check it out

Ranma Perfect Edition - This one's mostly for my anime buddys. Man.. nostalgia :'( and yes, it's still my favorite anime of all time. =)

BollyWHAT? - If you're a good friend of mine, you know I'm one of the hindi film groupies from Paden's 6th period last year. Wanna learn all the cool stuff we didn't understand from all those movies? Go hurr

Planet Family Guy - this one's just for Jenny. yay

and finally..

The Similarity Test - just cuz I like seeing who the hell I match up against. :D

I know boredom can really kill sometimes.. so try to avoid it by doing SOMETHING, ya hurr? hahaha. Time for a nap


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Plans piling up.. best coming week ever =)

Tril42lion: you're not there? well... fuxx0r! just lettin' ya know, i'm home! come visit me bluis... now.

Auto response from Thee seXay onE: gone.. just wtf do I Listen-To?



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ahhhh I'm finally done with finals =)=)=)=) sweet jesus thank God. Spring Break is officially on. It's gonna be great. So many things to do! So many people to see :DDD and so much sleep to catch up on! Dude the relief is here.. it's time to mellow out like the poser-stoner I am.

Kinda sad how my college life seems to be splitting from my regular social life. I gotta try to keep everything in check here, but it's not that simple. I'm actually gonna miss everyone here! We made one huge unstable but fun clique here at UC Riverside.. and to just not see everyone is a little weird. But same thing goes for all my old buddies throughout the states. I wish I could bring it all together somehow.. splitting into pieces was never something I was good at dealing with. so EVERYONE ENJOY YOURSELVES! June will be here super soon.. isn't that insane?


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sad but awesome times. recap of the past 24 hours:

- finish final #2
- ashley leaves
- ismael, bryan and i drive shikha to the airport 30 minutes before her flight takes off
- jesse's hot blonde hair
- agonizing study session for two finals
- manda and i eat dinner, tim chin goes insane
- manda, christina, marco, ismael, bryan and i watch both the cat in the hat and house of the dead... OH MY GOD. The best time ever. PLEASE you guys... watch House of the Dead. Jenny... you'd fall intensly in love with it.

Great times. I need Saturday to hurry it's ass up.


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.. and I figured it out. And it couldn't have been simpler. I felt it on Valentine's, I feel it everyday, I've felt it without much attention to it forever.. and now it's eating at me to the point where I'm unhappy. Man what the fuck I never get any goddamn inner peace.

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Final 2 in less than 8 hours. Blub I really should be asleep but none of us here really believe in that myth they call ''rest''.

I'ts already weird how half the populus here at UCR is gone. Just today Greg, Joey, Jen and Habib went amscray. I'm not used to this having-the-room-to-myself thing!!! >.< Ash is gone tomorrow, and eventually it'll just be me and Marco.. and that worries me GREATLY ._. But yeah. I think we've all slowly grown attached to each other around here, and it's showing. We all make our plans together, we poke fun at each other, we enjoy ignoring folks together.. damn. We really are one odd insane and deranged family! hahaha.

Alot has been bugging me lately. Like... intense disturbance. I wonder why too, when if you actually saw me, I'd look just as fine with everything as usual. I think it has to do with the fact that.. lately, this blog hasn't been a great emotional outlet for me. I haven't felt 'cleansed' or had a cathartic experience through this thing in a long time. It's like I've found this peace I craved for so long.. and now all I can do is enjoy it. This may sound like a good thing but it can suck!! I'll do great things with these great people every single day and at the end.. I won't feel the need to write about it and figure it out, like I used to. I guess there's not much to figure out when you're happy..

The things is.. as happy as I am.. something, and I don't know what the fuck it is, is keeping me from greater heights. Man.. how the hell do I figure this one out. =/ Whatever, now Marco has come in the room and it's off to stalling-from-study land.


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man.. there's no bigger downer than relapses of past defeats. I should really stop looking through these cursed pictures all around me.

Sometimes it's like.. wow. Lives cross, intertwine, and walk along together until I guess there's no more need for it. Is it even need? Well whatever, for one reason or another we will alwayz cross paths, but never walk together again. I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm kinda just in awe of life right now. To think... how different all our relationships used to be. Alright Luis enough stupid pseudo-semantics.. finals aren't even over and I'm already doing nothing but think.

dude.. things used to be so different. SO different. And now it's like.. as if nothing has happened.


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ONE FINAL DONE!!!! Man I'm gonna really miss that psych class. The professor molesting me [mentally of course], my stalker constantly glaring, the mindless hours spent trying to figure out what a neuron was.. such good times gone :'(. uh actually good riddance. ONE FINAL DONE!!!! But yeah this week is still going way too slow and it's bugging me already >:0. Not that we don't have our fun, but I'm really missing all the bastards from home.. er I mean friends <33. Oh, so I got taped and recorded singing.. and yeah I sounded like a dying turkey or a whiny hyena.. or something HORRIBLE. I was like.. maybe it was the song I was singing? Or the fact that I was in the shower and don't usually give a damn what I sound like. Regardless, it's been proven that I can only sing like... 3 songs on tune, and I should finally give in to the masses and accept that I just could'nt be an American Idol *weeps*

obOe2damaX: learn from this
obOe2damaX: never sing again
Thee seXay onE: hey so
Thee seXay onE: i dont at all see where this ''being an asshole'' thing of yours is coming from
Thee seXay onE: youre never a jerk...
Thee seXay onE: ...
obOe2damaX: haha
obOe2damaX: i don't either
Thee seXay onE: who the hell would ever say that youre acting like one??Q??Q?Q
Thee seXay onE: >:0
obOe2damaX: are you really mad?

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good weekend. It was pretty much just the guys being their dumb selves. Ashley was nowhere to be found! That crazy woman >.< but yeah. Very relaxing and overall fun. I think everyone's out to kill me since I uh... am better than everyone at every video game we play ._. but DON'T quote me on that. I had a strange dream that woke me up in an odd state of mind, but blah.. who can really think of what a stupid dream means when everything is so nice around here. I mean.. bah

forget what I jyst said. Things SUCK! Finals week is going to pull out my heart and use it to wipe it's ass. I can't wait for Saturday. good luck you guys! I'll need some sort of device to succeed this week...


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so yeah... Habib and I got them high for their first time. omG rememeber!!! When Glen Matt and I we did it with Jenny at her first time. oh man good times. I miss them. Gosh I'm blabbing sorry. But yeah, DUDE there's this super secret secret place we did it at... god I love this place.. soo many secrets =X=X. But anyway. It was great times. No it IS great times! Let's see. Ashley is in her building probably. Greg left a while ago. God know where Jesse is.. Charlie is fucking his girlfriend in the next room, Joey is doing something hahahehe. Habib is like dead now, asleep, and Christina and Marco are sooo messed up that they can't get off of each other. I swear they remind me of ... hehe Matt and Jenny!!! yay oh and Ismael is home. good good stuff. We don't need anyone else mother fuckaas.

Anyway. Things here cuoldn't get much better. Oh my god I have 2 mother fucking stalkers. It's this girl and guy and they both look at me during psych. *shudder* I'm scurred. Anyway, yeah hell yeah I'm gonna write mre, and blog more, and I'll be even better than ever!!! But first I need to stop blabbing hurr =)

I hate having to edit my intoxicated entries.

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But yeah, I'm gonna pick up on writing again. I feel very unlike myself to jot down whatever interests me. Great thinkers and writers across generations always had a pad and paper along with them, so why the hell can't a loose cannon like myself do it once again?

Random observations... well, random to the public eye, but not to the guy who witnessed all of this in person. Let's see..

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nothing like an amazing old song to get you up in the morning.

A few sad things happened yesterday, out of nowhere and I took it as a sign to re-evaluate what's going on. I got to this one question and I'm stuck without an answer.. what do you do when someone dies?

Do you drop your grudges? Do you suffer in silence? Whenever I've lost someone like that all I can do is erase any bitterness from my heart and wish things could have been different. I mean... what can you do for yourSELF when someone passes away? I really should have taken the philosophy Death class next quarter. I really don't know where to go with this, and all I know is that I don't feel all that great about it.

And man, to finish yesterday off with a bang.. I believe that the saddest thing in the world, is to pass by somebody you once knew so well.. and noone gives up a reaction. Talk about denial to the past. I was just like.. so that's how it's gonna be for the rest of our lives. Or until one of us isn't here anymore.


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I have too much to talk, write and think about and yet I can't even BEGIN to start. It sucks =[ I don;t know why I've become such a slack off for this thing. I love writing.. but it seems like I'm always hesitant to do it lately. Total fucking furstration over this. *&@%

You ave NO idea how much has happened lately. Nor how amazing some things have been for me. I guess I'd have to backtrack alot to even feel slightly satisfied with my writing. Bah. I won't even touch my precious new journal.. and yet every single time something that catches my attention happens, I say I'll write on it but it just never happens. Mother fucking writer's block.. or laziness.. or ineptitude. You know what this means, of course...

pretty soon I'll have to go and make a huge ass post that noone will read, and it'll scroll my page off the charts. AND EVEN THEN I WON'T FEEL GOOD! ^%@#&*#^%@ On a much lighter les self-hating note.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROEL BONAYON! 20-fucking-years old. oh my GOD. hearts <33


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GregoryAndrewCho: hey
GregoryAndrewCho: come here
Thee seXay onE: ok chief
Thee seXay onE: greg
Thee seXay onE: i live next door..

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shhh I don't wanna wake Joey up =X!! I HAVE THE BEST SCHEDULE FOR THE SPRING!

mondays: nothing -
tuesdays: 9.40 - 11am, 11.10 - 12.30pm, 12.40 - 2pm, 2.10 - 3.30pm -
wednesdays: 4.10 - 5pm -
thursdays: 9.40 - 11am, 11.10 - 12.30pm, 12.40 - 2pm, 2.10 - 3.30pm -
fridays: nothing -

ahhhhh.. it doesn't get much better than having no Monday or Friday classes :D. This whole Thursday-getting-up-at-7am shit will soon be no more! I'm sick of it.. that and my hell tuesdays [12.40 til 11pm]. bah. more later... much more.


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ahhhhhhhh. Too much to even begin thinking of writing about.

I couldn't be in a better mood right now and it's ALL cuz of you =)

I sound like Wordsworth right now and I feel ... dirty. late